embodyDNA to help you lose weight based on DNA

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Last year, calorie-tracking app Lose It launched a feature called Snap It, which identifies food items just from a photo. Now, the company has taken another step into the health market. Lose It has launched a new plan known as embodyDNA, a weight loss plan that is based on your actual DNA.

To get started with this plan, you have to order a kit from embodyDNA.com for $189.99. When you get it, you have to provide a saliva sample through a swab, then send it off to Helix, a personal genomics company in partnership with Lose It. after about six to eight weeks, your results will be delivered through the Lose It app to your account. If you are already an existing Lose It app user, the app will look at your food log history to identify patterns, then make recommendations based on the results of your DNA test.embodyDNA

The embodyDNA test will give you a series of insights about your body when it comes to diet and fitness. Everythinh ranging from your metabolism, fitness leels and sensitivities to certain foods will be laid out for you on the test results. For example, if you have a family history of diabetes, you might find that you are particularly reactive to sugar. Also, the test will tell you if you are genetically predisposed to a high Body Mass Index, and if you should do more exercise or less, and also what kinds of exercise you sold do. As the technology gets more advanced, the test will be able to tell you more about your body and the weight loss strategy best for you.

Lose It is not the first company to look for ways to alter people’s fitness strategies based on genetics. There’s also DNAFit, which offers a tailored diet and exercise plans based on an examination of DNA, including a meal planner and information on specific exercises you should do to suit your body type. Nevertheless, you can try out the embodyDNA test on embodyDNA.com.


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