Emerging markets prefer big screens

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Excerpt from the Jana blog:

In emerging markets, where low-cost smartphones are the first experience of Internet connectivity for many, mobile devices also serve as home cinemas, gaming devices, and more.

Jana surveyed 1,386 smartphone users across nine countries to gain insight into their device preferences and learn more about the content that they consume on their smartphones.

The survey returned the verdict that emerging markets prefer big screens. What I am wondering though is this: is the love of big screens really an emerging market trait or a global trait? I would love to see a survey that compares emerging markets with other markets. I am betting a tooth that the results will show that big screens are preferred everywhere.

The variations in big screen preferences is interesting to see though: While 5.5-inch and bigger screens are in high demand in South Africa, Kenya and Brazil, Nigerians seem to have a more even spread of love across sizes.

Head over to the Jana blog to download and read their Big Screen infographic.

  1. There Are A Couple Of Reports Online That Suggest They The Shifft To Bigger Screens Is Catching On, Worldwide.

    It’s Easy To Deduce…. If We Notice The Size Of Most New Flagships And Middle_Tier Phones,

    Even, Apple Had Been Forced To Join That Train With Their 4.7″ And 5.5 Inch Phones.

    Well, I Would Sacrifice Almost Any Other Thing On A Mobile Phone (Except Maybe Battery Life) To Have A Phone With A Big, Really Big, Screen.

    My Current 6-incher Should Be The Smallest Size I Want To Handle.

    When 7-inch Phablets Become Common And Affordable, I Would Jump At It, Provided The Bezels Are Anorexic Enough To Ensure The Overall Size Of The Phone Wouldn’t Tear My Trouser Pocket.

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