The recycle bin is one great feature of our PC’s that we just can’t do without. A humble servant, lying there with the single job

Recycle Bin on Android: How to enable and access it

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The recycle bin is one great feature of our PC’s that we just can’t do without. A humble servant, lying there with the single job of regurgitating discarded items whenever needed, the recycle bin is mostly in the background. And now, you can enable Recycle Bin on Android. We walk you through the simple steps.

Sometimes while using our mobiles, we feel we don’t need such service, until when you finally take that great selfie and mistakenly press the Delete button hehehe 🙂 Suddenly, you wish you could retrieve that deleted item. That is why you need the Recycle Bin feature on your phone.

Thankfully, the almighty Android OS can take care of this. Follow the below steps.

recycle bin on android

To Add Recycle Bin on Android

To add a Recycle Bin to your phone, a quick install of a 3rd party app is all that you need.This app helps you recover deleted pictures and videos.

Simply head to Google Play to search for and download Dumpster.


enable recycle bin on Android with Dumpster app

Dumpster works just like the Recycle Bin found in our computers, helping you restore almost any deleted file as it covers a wide range of file formats. The good thing is that it’s easy to set-up, it doesn’t need an internet connection to function, it works without root (though it’s more efficient when you’re rooted), and many other trivial features.

Here are some screenshots:

The fine UI supports themes, so you can make the app look just the way you want it to:

Dumpster app UI

Dumpster adds a great Recycle Bin on Android phones and tablets, and you can now recover deleted aps.

The app also has a Deep Scan Recovery feature that can help you recover files that you already deleted before installing the app. While the app is free, there is a Premium version that adds Cloud support so you can enjoy secure backup of your files.

That is it. You have successfully enabled Recycle Bin on Android and can put it to use as you need.

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  1. Good one.

    However, some Android file managers have this function inbuilt… notably, ES File Explorer..

    ….makes sense, come to think of it.

    Sometimes too, you may have typed a long text, something happens before you save, and, gbam, you lose everything!.

    The recycle bin is no help here!

    There is an app that tracks everything you type in every app on your android device. That way, the scenario described above can never happen,even if you yank off the battery!

    Called “Type Machine”, it’s on the Google Play Store, ultra configurable to take care of your security concerns with its functions, and the only app of its kind on Android (the older app that did this no longer works with <= Jelly Beans versions of Android)…

  2. Lord Eye Bee Kay is back among us mere mortals. missed your expertise and anecdotes. good app, has a few issues working on devices with encryption activated

  3. I like disk digger works on rooted device though. My question is this would deleted items on dumpster occupy space on my device.

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