Encipher Limited is a UK-based company owned by Nigerians, and it has unveiled its Android-based tablet device. The Encipher tablet will run Android version 1.6.

Encipher unveils Android-based tablet

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Encipher Limited is a UK-based company owned by Nigerians, and it has unveiled its Android-based tablet device.
Encipher Tablet

The Encipher tablet will run Android version 1.6. The other specifications that have been announced are:

  • CPU: VIS8505 400mhz
  • 16GB HDD
  • 512mb RAM
  • LCD: 7-inch 16:9 aspect ratio, 800×400 pixel resolution
  • Camera (specs not available yet)
  • Wifi:802.11 b/g
  • External 3G (we are not sure yet how this works)
  • Others: 35mm jack, HDMI output, support for TV-OUT, USB2.0, SD/MMC card port

Encipher Tablet 2
We await more information on this device, but it clearly goes head-to-head against Apple’s iPad. It is not clear yet whether the Encipher tablet will feature any customisations.

More photos from Encipher Limited


  1. Err… I have a problem with the processor speed and display specs. it looks meager. Maybe Andriod runs lean. Lets see how this plays out in the coming days

  2. This is a breath of air from all the negative xxxx being said about Nigerians…..this surely has shown that good things can come out of Nigeria.

  3. Good offering. I have always been captivated of the tablet form factor since the ipad. My grouse with it is the low CPU (400MHZ). ANd also low Screen resolution. Even small phones with 3.5 or 4.3 inces diagonals go up to 800 by 400 pixels.

    All the same, this is still a good offering. I am happy the company has Nigerian roots!

  4. While I am glad to see this coming from Nigerians, tablets like this and the iPad hold little appeal for me.

    One, I consider them too big, but then that can be subjective.

    Two, they do not uphold the concept of convergence in its totality, seeing that they do not have a network radio built-in.

    For the above reasons, the earlier incarnations of Nokia’s tablets (770, N800, N810) did not interest me. But Nokia trimmed down the size and put in a GSM/3G radio – and voila behold the N900.

    That is my idea of what a tablet should be: truly mobile (pocketable) and not necesarilly needing a 3rd party device/service to connect.

    Lastly, I am a bit wary of that 400 MHz processor on the Encipher.

    Still, kudos to our guys. It is a good beginning and I do not doubt that they can improve on this.

  5. @Yomi Adegboye. Just one correction. The ipad comes in two versions. One has 3G and Edge network radio embedded in it along with Wi-Fi. The second version has only Wi-Fi. I believe this is a convergence of Technology. You do not use a netbook, so I appreciate the love you have for a true Nokia multimedia monster as the n900.

    For me; Sometimes, a phone’s screen may be too small. And at other times a Laptop too big. There and then a tablet like the ipad or Encipher tablet, or even a netbook will be more appropriate.

  6. Afewgoodmen,

    I am aware of the 3G version of the iPad. Yet, even that model does not represent – note the term I used – ‘convergence in its totality’. ‘A convergence of technology’, as you put it, Yes. But in its totality, No. The simple reason is that the 3G version does not allow voice calls (yes, you can do VOIP with iCall, but we all know the practicality or otherwise of using that as your telephone).

    In other words, with the iPad 3G, you still need another device – a phone. That is not full convergence – and I have no problems with people using that sort of combination if that’s what suits them.

    Personally, I want to carry only ONE device when stepping out of the house or office for ANYWHERE (wedding, class, beach, et al). But that’s me and what I want is not what everyone else wants.

    Contrary to your claim that I do not use a netbook, I have used one since 2008 – an Acer AspireOne. I actually replaced it with the Nokia N900. There are many settings in which a netbook (or an iPad) is simply out-of-place because of the size. Not so a more compact and converged tablet like the N900.

  7. This is truely a plus for our guys over there. I for one might just decide to buy one if the price is good. I like buying made in nigeria goods to encourage our people. Please Yomi, keep us updated on this tablet.

    One more thing. Yomi is already making some of us salivate for the N900.

  8. I was privileged to see the prototype of the “encipher tablet” today being the 8th of May, 2010, at Abuja and the product is one of a kind. Itz vry portable compared to the ipad and other portable p.c’s we see around. Itz also vry affordable and comes with a few accessories of itz own. The manufacturers being Nigerians had us in mind while working on this product.
    So itz gonna be awesome.

    Details of the lunching of the product would be communicated to us soon. But according to one of the manufactures, it should be out b4 July.

  9. @ Edara. That is lovely information. July isn’t so far. I would like to read hands-on review of it so that I can decide between Encipher and an APple ipad!

    4th of July? Independence day? Lovely!

  10. I will really love it if they have another flavor with 1ghz and minimum Android 2.2.

    This one will sure sell but i wont mind to pay more for higher specs.

  11. Anyone know which screen technology the encipher ships with (Resistive or Capacitive). Its no doubt an interesting device. I guess the devil would be in the execution and packaging

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