The enemy of my enemy: Microsoft to invest in Android rogue, Cyanogen

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Just when you think that things are getting quite boring in the smartphone space, something like this comes up.

We carried news of Cyanogen announcing that their plan is to break free Google’s hold on Android. Well, you know what is said about the enemy of my enemy being my friend. Yes. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google’s rival giant, Microsoft, has decided to back Cyanogen.

Cyanogen may be getting an initial $70 million. This will give Microsoft a minority stake in Cyanogen. The amount may grow over time.

Microsoft Cyanogen

If Cyanogen pulls this off, we will have another smartphone OS, a fork of Android, free of Google’s restrictions, and Microsoft smiling to the bank. And if Cyanogen OS (let’s just start calling it that right away) becomes a big hit, perhaps we shall see Microsoft Mobile also producing smartphones running it alongside its Lumia lineup. Or perhaps Microsoft will replace Windows Phone on its devices entirely with it.

Whatever. It is early days yet. But, oh boy! This is sure getting interesting. In the meantime, there are already about 50 million smartphones running a Cyanogen version of Android OS. Not bad at all. This looks like it will gain traction.

If you ask us, it looks like Microsoft has made a smart move here!

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