I have been in business since 2003 till date. In all that time, I have been a firm believer in taking advantage of mobile technology

Enhancing Business Processes With Mobile Technology

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I have been in business since 2003 till date. In all that time, I have been a firm believer in taking advantage of mobile technology to enhance business processes. I certainly have practiced what I preached. I won’t go into all the details of how I have personally used mobile technology for business or implemented it for my team members and colleagues.

Our team has also implemented this for a couple of businesses over the years.

Looking at the peculiar challenges of the Nigerian (and largely African) environment, I want to examine the possibilities that exist for businesses, their employees and productivity.

Road Traffic & Productivity

More businesses need to allow some of their staff to work remotely. I look at how the roads in Lagos are jam-packed during rush hour. People spend as much as two to three hours getting to work. Insane. How do they perform optimally at work after all that drain?

At the close of the work day, these same individuals endure another two to three hours on the road heading home. They get home super-stressed and tired, and are expected to repeat the same cycle the next day.

Are business organisations really performing at their peak when they insist that all their staff physically report to work every morning?

How about possible savings on office rent, furniture and other amenities if a remote working arrangement is implemented for some categories of staff? Could this result in lower operational costs for both the business organisation and the employee?

The Mobile Workforce

Globally, more organisations are exploring the concept of the mobile workforce – and reaping certain benefits. If you run a business, what are your thoughts and fears? If you are an employee, would you welcome this? Would you have any conditions?

PS: If you run a business and would love my help with helping to draw up a mobile strategy to enhance your business processes using mobile technology, do shoot me a mail at yomi AT yomiadegboye.com and let’s take it from there.


  1. This is a profoundly important topic Mr. Mobility has raised there!. I agree entirely with the concerns enunciated.

    I see lots of inefficiencies in the way we generally run (ruin ?) our lives generally (businesses inclusive)- and my heart bleeds.

    It is unsurprising that we are uncompetitive globally on several fronts.

    One of the reasons we can ‘afford’ to daily waste manhours (money) in traffic (as well as in other unproductive activities) is because we are naturally endowed by nature.

    A country bereft of such luxuries (say Japan)- cannot dare adopt such lackadaisical attitude to time management.

    While the average Occidental works from 9am to 5pm (8 hrs), i heard that workers at Daewoo corporation and in other Asian Tiger / Oriental countries often work from 5am – 9pm (16 hrs!).

    How can a man who spends 5hrs in traffic daily be productive-optimally?

    The recent statement by our Presido in Korea about Nigeria emulating the Asian Tiger countries within his term made me shake my head wondrously! Really?

    Inefficiencies, like money in a savings acvount, have a way of compounding.

    Insane traffic jamss, inadequate infrastructure, mindless corruption, unsustainable cultural) excesses (etc) constitute the recipe for a backward society.

    ‘Enhancing Business Processes With Mobile Technology?’

    Our WHOLE National / personall lives can do with Serious amelioration- via (mobile) Tech adoption..

  2. This plan would only work properly in zones where mobile data especially 3G is pretty reliable.

    I don’t see how one how can be super productive on the go with GPRS or 3G that crawls like a snail.

    That said with internet enabled mobile phones and netbooks that have long battery lives, anything is possible.

  3. As someone involved in a non-traditional role, having had an office based job before, I can see why many businesses in Nigeria don’t adopt remote or mobile working.

    Who would pay for it? How can we ensure it would be secure and used for the purpose meant? To me those are the first two questions that would have to be answered.

    To add to what Eye.Bee.Kay has already said, until there’s an improvement on basic infrastructure and a change of mindset, the idea of mobile working may be achievable for few but not for many.

  4. Nice Article…isee this as the future of business……..mobile and remote office!!!… I HEAR ITS UR BIRTHDAY TODAY SIR….HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!

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