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Forhey is a mobile application that was developed by a young Ghanaian known as Kell. I was able to meet with Kell and he put me through the Forhey mobile application. I must say that I found it impressive.

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to do his or her chores, or is super occupied with a lot of things, Forhey is here to help out. The app has been developed to change the way people do their laundry and dry cleaning in today’s fast-paced environment in Ghana.


Forhey enables you to set up an immediate laundry/dry cleaning pick up any day between 6a.m to 7pm. It provides an on-demand mobile pickup and delivery service. Once you place an order for the day, expect your dirty laundry to be picked up from your assigned location in less than 30 minutes. For now the application functions only in Ghana.

The app is available in the playstore for Android smart phones. After download and installation, you click on the application and it presents a welcome screen. You need to signup if you dont have an account with them yet. After signing up, you login, set up your account, and then you can proceed to place an order. Below are screenshots and a video that would serve as a guide to the app’s usage for you.

Forhey welcome screen

Forhey Order Details

Here is a walk-through video:


I believe the app is very suitable for overtired parents, time-strapped professionals, as well as students. For example, most at times, students get overly stressed out with school work, so laundry becomes an additional burden to them. Using regular laundry services means that users have to go through the inconvenience of taking their dirty clothes themselves to the laundry and back.

Have you used this app or any similar laundry pickup/delivery app? What has your experience been?

I recommend this app to all those resident in Ghana, you should give it a try you won’t regret it, it offers convenience ,so drop that detergent and pickup your phone .Forhey is here to provide you with convenience and less stress. For more information visit www.forhey.com.

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