There was a time when we had to go to the movie theaters to watch a motion picture. Television required us to go across the

Enjoying Televised Entertainment In The New Way

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There was a time when we had to go to the movie theaters to watch a motion picture. Television required us to go across the room and manually change a channel. TV Guides graced coffee tables to inform us what was airing at what time and to keep up with changes coming on our favourite shows.

When cable television came along, it changed everything. We could watch a movie in the comfort of our home. We could have access to even more channels and more shows. It was just the beginning. That small change led to a whole new adventure in how we currently consume our favorite forms of entertainment.

Expanding Our Options

Cable television really was the beginning for how we altered our viewing pleasures. We had to pay for it but we could pick the package that offered what we desired most. Unfortunately, not everyone could access cable stations, particularly in rural areas.

Satellite television made its way to service those who had no access to the same television their city friends were enjoying.

Nowadays, you’re likely to see satellite service and cable service available in the same areas. Such competition helps subscribers keep costs down since it enables them to visit their nearest DirecTV store and compare offers with their current cable setup, or vice versa.

Streaming Is Prevalent

Streaming services have made television and movie viewing more controlled by the viewer than a service. Remember when we had to wait a year for a movie to make it out on videotape? Or for it to air on television on a Friday night? Even with the evolution into DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs, we are at a faster pace with access to movies.

Purchasing a movie or television series on Vudu, Amazon Prime, or Google Play means that you don’t have a disc that you have to store and hope never gets scratched. When it took a year to get it on a videotape in the 80’s now translates into a month or two currently. It’s always available online and can be viewed any time you have an internet connection.

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu charge a small fee for keeping up with your favorite television shows. Devices like Chromecast, Amazon’s Firestick, and Roku have also changed how we can afford the shows and movies we love.

Roku offers access to a ton of streaming apps and offering several free ones like Freeform and TubiTv. Chromecast functions a lot like the Roku and certainly offers a few free ones as well. Thanks to the Sling Tv App, you can also get live television feeds for a low $20 a month. Streaming has allowed the user to customize their needs and wants so they no longer complain about the 300 channels they have and nothing good to watch.

Enjoying Televised Entertainment In The New Way

Cable Is Still Relevant

Cable providers are still relevant in the world of streaming! You would think they would’ve fallen to the wayside with the massive change we have experienced in the last 10-15 years, but they have adapted and adjusted to keep on moving forward. Most of them now offer streaming options so that you no longer have to rely on a cable guy to come out and get you set up with a box and remote.

Much like any other streaming app, if you get your internet from the local cable provider then you can probably access local television options on a streaming app for your streaming device. Why would you? Because some people want to watch certain shows as it airs, rather than wait a day. Some people enjoy sitting down with the evening news before they go to bed. And let’s be honest, old habits die hard!

We have the huge televisions with crisper pictures that can show us every pimple the stage makeup isn’t hiding. There are smart TVs that we connect to the internet and can access our social media accounts before watching our favorite Netflix series. We have access to entertainment at all hours. We have the television we always dreamed of!

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