ES File Explorer finally nabs Material Design

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If you’re a regular of this blog, you may have noticed that ES File Explorer is my favorite File Manager app on Android. Many my tips and tutorial posts have been centered on this app, like How to Manage ZIP files on Android, Uninstalling bloatware, or How to Increase Internal Storage space to name a few.

ES File Explorer


The app just received an update that comes with the new Material design. Going through the app, it just seem the new user interface is what’s new with the update. Notice the new colorful icons and the blue and white theme. Also see the blue floating action button on the lower part.
ES File Explorer (2)
It’s still in beta so there maybe a few bugs left to iron out. Meanwhile check it on Google Play Store HERE. Or rather visit this APK Mirror link to grab the apk.


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  1. That app is good. Functionally, it is the bomb. But FX File Explorer is my favorite as I prefer its UI.My next best preference is X-plore file manager.

    This material design of the ES File Explorer is not significantly different from the earlier version, but is nonetheless a good step.

    Going through the app, it just seem the new user interface is what’s new with the update

    I have not noticed anything functionally different apart from the new “+” action button and a new option to turn on a supplementary toolbar at the bottom of the scteen (found under “Themes”)

  2. Ok nice update, I nevered liked ES esplorer much. i have been using Xplore since my days of symbian and even when i moved to Android i stuck to Xplore… plus Xplore allows direct wifi transfer which is quite fast.

  3. ok really. i have been hearing about material design. what really is material design?

  4. Material design is the new user interface implemented by Google starting from Android 5.0 Lollipop. If you’re an Android user, you should notice the new user interface on Google Play Store, WhatsApp and BBM. That’s material design

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