Essential free apps for starting a digital marketing career

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Digital marketing is the buzz these days. Often, you have to work on the go. Here are some essential free apps you can use for digital marketing on the go.

Digital marketing is the buzz these days. It is one of the new jobs that the internet has created. Often, you have to work on the go. This means that you need relevant apps on your smartphone to get your work done. There are hundreds of apps for digital marketing to pick from in the various app stores.

If you are new to the field, you are probably unable to spend the small fortune required to use many of the paid apps available. Some of them cost as much as $49 per month each. You may end up needing more than one, as they all have different areas of specialisation. You don’t want to spend that kind of money yet until you have a good income.

As such we have compiled a list of available free apps that you can put to good use daily in your line of work as a digital marketer.

Essential free apps for digital marketing

essential free apps for digital marketing
essential free apps for digital marketing

List of essential free apps

Here are some free apps that many digital marketers have used to successfully jump start their careers:

  1. Evernote: Evernote let’s you put down your thoughts and notes quickly for reference. But because it is cloud-based, your info is available from anywhere and on any device. You can also save website clippings and use it as a team collaboration tool.
  2. WordPress: If you are a content marketer or blogger and use WordPress-powered platforms, the WordPress app is a vital tool to have. You can create, edit and publish your content on the go.
  3. Crowdfire: Crowdfire is an effective tool for scheduling tweets. It can schedule automatically for you and also lets you pick specific times when your tweets go out. Crowdfire works with Instagram too. The difference is that Instgaram does not support app scheduling yet, so the app reminds you of when your IG material should go out so you can manually publish them.
  4. Photo Editor: This is a fairly comprehensive photo/image editing tool. You can crop, resize, add text, watermark and fit images as you will.
  5. Google Apps: Use Analytics, Drive, Maps, Docs, Sheets, Calendar and Gmail to manage a wide range of Google services.
  6. Pages Manager: If you manage one or more Facebook pages, Pages Manager is what the doctor ordered. Pages Manager let’s you create, manage and post to your Facebook pages. It lets you schedule posts too, as well as manage your messages.
  7. Instagram Regrann This is an app that extends the limits of what you can do on Instagram. It lets you repost to your Instagram feed and save photos and videos to your phone, among other features.
  8. Mobile banking: If your digital marketing game is good, you will be making and receiving payments a lot. You shouldn’t leave home without your mobile banking app. If your bank does not have one, you need to switch banks.

The above list of apps for digital marketing is not exhaustive, but it is a good start. There are scores of other apps that are good alternatives to the above. As your digital media business grows, you can then invest in paid apps that offer more functionality and more scope than some of the above. It all depends on the scope of your work. You may not even need any paid apps.

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