Here is my list of applications that are absolutely important that I install on any s60 device I purchase. The rather interesting thing about my

Essential Third Party Symbian S60 Applications

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Here is my list of applications that are absolutely important that I install on any s60 device I purchase. The rather interesting thing about my list is that it features apps that are absolutely free.

Here is my list in no particular order of their importance to me, along with my commentary on each application.

1. Shozu: Shozu is an application that allows you to upload pictures and videos to some of the most popular social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr. The majority of my pictures on Facebook were uploaded directly from my phone using Shozu.

2. Slick: Slick is an instant messaging (IM) application that allows you stay in touch with friends and families via very well known IM services like Yahoo, Gtalk etc.

I’d like to say that it was Yomi who recently introduced me to Slick, and it has become my preferred IM application amongst the others I have used.

Opera Mini

3. Opera Mini: Opera Mini has proved to be an indispensable browser application for me. Its compression technology, fit to screen feature, and the good page-loading speed are part of the many reasons I consider Opera Mini a must-have app on my phones.

4. Bible Reader: As the name suggests, this application allows me read the Bible on my phone. The beauty of Bible Reader (from OliveTree) is that I can have more than one translation of the Bible installed. This is another application that’s indispensable for me as I don’t even have a hard copy bible anymore.


5. Active File: This is a file manager I use as an alternative to the built-in one. Actually, I use about three of them, but this is on top of the list because it has a feature that lets users keep the back light of their phones on for as long as the battery lasts. This is a useful feature for when you need to do a considerable amount of reading on your phone.

6. Screenshot: This application takes screenshots of whatever is on your phone’s display. All the screenshots in our reviews are produced using this application.

There you have it, applications that make s60 phones worth owning for me. In case you’re wondering where to get these apps, I suggest you do a Google search of each of them. They are readily available on a number of websites.

Do you have any must-have mobile apps?


  1. Using Nokia E71 and 5800 XpressMusic, I seldom use Opera Mini these days. The browser on the respective phones are powerful enough to munch any web page you throw their way.

  2. Yes; Dave. s60 Web is a very capable browser. Where Opera Mini usually finds excellent use, however, is when a user is on a pay-as-you-use data plan (or a very limited bundle plan) and so needs to cut down on browsing costs.

    I personally prefer s60 Web too, but every now and then when I’m browsing outside my bundle plan (at the rate of 15kobo per kb), it becomes expedient for me to switch to Opera Mini.

    Gmail for mobile, Fring and Wordmobi are three apps that are fast becoming essential to me. Fring for its Gmail notifier, Skype, and Twitter plugins. Wordmobi for managing my blogs (I installed it just yesterday, and I’m liking it so far).

  3. Ah well. We have different needs for Opera Mini. I mostly connect to the Internet on my mobiles via WiFi at home or at work and so data usage is not an issue for me.
    I am going to try-out WordMobi now.

  4. Hi.tanx for d info on SHOZU.i downloaded it & have installed it on my phone.i was able to use it to upload some photos to Facebook & CNN but after that while fidlling with it, i mistakenly deactivated to reactivate it is giving me serious headache as d internet connection just wouldnt go thru.pls advice me on what to do to have it working again.

  5. Azeez, there’s nothing special to do to reactivate the application. Just hope to have a stable internet connection or simply re-install the application.

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