If you want to subscribe to GloMobile’s prepaid internet bundle plans, you need to be well armed so as to have a pleasant experience with

Essential tips for using Glo prepaid internet bundle plans

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If you want to subscribe to GloMobile’s prepaid internet bundle plans, you need to be well armed so as to have a pleasant experience with the service. Here are a few vital tips. Miss these and you will have issues.

1. Subscribe to the plan of your choice by sending the required SMS
To subscribe to a bundle plan, text “activate” to 127, and follow all instructions till you are successfully subscribed to the plan of your choice. By subscribing, your line should also be automatically provisioned for GPRS/EDGE/3G/3.5G.

Of course, make sure you have more than the required airtime already loaded on your line.

2. It works on both modem and phone
Regardless of what you are told, the service works on both modems and phones. It will work on your phone. But don’t bother arguing with anyone. Just smile and create a connection setting with the following parametres:

APN: gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

No proxies or ports required.

The above settings are what you need to use after activating the bundle plan of your choice. If you use any other APN e.g. Glodirect, you will still be billed 15 kobo per kb from your regular airtime balance.

3. Ensure that you have at least 1 kobo left on your line
The Glo system will keep you off GPRS/EDGE/3G/3.5G if you do not have any airtime left on your line after activation of the plan of your choice. If your balance reads zero after activation, you will not be able to browse.

4. You can also deploy the service using your phone as a modem with your PC
Simply enter the configuration settings published above in your phone’s PC Suite and connect. No proxies. No ports. No tweaks.

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  1. Thank you so much for these tips. That is why we need ‘network detectives’ like you to be able to make use of our almighty gsm networks for internet commexion! (like the time I could not activate the Zain-100Mb bundle – after INNOCENTLY subscribing to Joli. Nobody told us we can not UNsubscribe from Joli, or that we will not be able to activate the Zain Internet Bundle after subscribing. Some of up lost MONEY because of this ubiquitous INCOMPLETE disclosure of VITAL informaton to subscribers. Thank God this was eventually rectified by Zain).

    My question is this : if I ‘tether’ my phone to a PC for internet connection, wont the data usage be significantly higher while browsing on the PC – rather than browsing directly on the phone – through the native phone browser? In other words, would a running DeskTop Opera Browser (in tethered mode) consume more bytes than a native phone browser (ont Opera Mini/Mobile) browsing THE SAME webpage(s)? Thank you..

  2. As a follow-up to my previous question, does DeskTop Opera Browser implement the same data compression technology (as it does for phones)? If it does not, does any other desktop browser have such compression schemes built in? Is there any commercially available software that compresses / decompresses the pages (on-the-fly) å la Opera Mini Servers?

    Finally, do all USB modems (for SIMs) implement some level of data compression? – same compression rate, if so..?

  3. EyeBeeKay,

    Yes; browsing on PC is likely to consume more data than when you browse on your phone.

    The latest Opera on desktop, beta 10.01, has a turbo feature that uses some compression, so that may help keep your usage down if you enable the turbo.

    I don’t know of any other desktop browser that features compression technology.

    Nah; no compression via USB modems.

  4. I’ll also want to know if disabling images in desktop opera reduces the no. of megabite one uses or does it just make the browser faster?

  5. I’ve also been wandering about compression technology when applied to desktop browser. EyeBeeKay nice one, Yomi your the oracle of all things involving mobile phones in Nigeria

  6. Please so far so good what’s the greatest download speed you’ve attained with Glo’s 3.5G?

    P.S: Opera 10 rocks big time. I use it with images disabled and it saves a lot of bandwidth and better yet increases page load times on very slow connections

  7. Pls, help me out on how to use the above settings on my Nokia 6085 phone, the former settings are

    Apn: glogwap
    user name: wap
    password: wap

    I used ehis on my Nokia Pc as well as the phone browser and it worked, but when i replaced them with:

    APN: gloflat
    Username: flat
    Password: flat

    the response was “Subscribe to data package”.

    Pls help me with how to set this new settings up so that i can use their data bundle.

  8. Jose,

    1. Subscribe to one of the prepaid bundle packages first by sending the required SMS codes

    2. Make sure that after subscribing, you still have some airtime balance available on your line

  9. Chukwudi,

    You asked:

    Please so far so good what’s the greatest download speed you’ve attained with Glo’s 3.5G?

    So far, on the new prepaid bundle, the highest I have clocked is 399 kbps. However, I have used Glo 3.5G on other packages over time, and I have experienced speeds up to 1.2 mbps.

  10. @Yomi: I’m very much satisfied with 399kbps. 1.2mbps would be absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to get back to Lagos and get my own package. I’m sticking to the 100 hours – 3GB package for 6,000 naira. I’ll be posting my experience when the time is right.
    Cheers and thanks for the info.

  11. Just checking here, Chukwudi, I hope you do not have apps on your phone that require an always-on connection, otherwise you would find yourself locked out of 3.5G service just after 4 days.

    A little over 4 days of continous connection is what the 100 hours package gives you.

  12. @Yomi: I have no intention of using the Glo3.5G package on my phone. I’ll be using it on a USB modem so I can monitor the hours very well and avoid the death trap of “always on connection softwares” as you mentioned above.

    My plan actually is to get a new MTN and GLO sim and subscribe to Glo’s 100 hours package and MTN’s night browsing package.

    I’m not so cool with idea of changing sims each time I want to browse on my laptop so a USB modem will be the right fix.

    I always plan my browsing with a a small notebook so as not to waste bandwidth looking at irrelevant things.

  13. Finally got the glo prepaid modem up and running. My speed reaches 1.4mbps. Its absolutely amazing the speed. The faster i got was about 2.0 mbps on my office internet. But that was before everyone else logged on and the ISP did their thing.

    I hope the honeymoon lasts.

  14. Bye-bye to mtn data plans forever. Glo rocks, i am on the always day package, the speed is okay and stable even though i use my phone as a modem. I encountered a few snag though, i will post my experience and how i overcame the snag later in the day. A big thanks to mobility naija. Oga yomi, what is the code to check your gloflat data? Please check your server, my initial post could not connect to mobility nigeria via desktop browser.

  15. Bye-Bye Forever To MTN.

    Glo flat rocks, oh my God blazing speed even with my phone as a modem. Oga Yomi, you are just too Gbaskied (sorry for that slang). Guess I am just too excited. Please allow me to share my experience.

    After subscribing to always day package (N 500), I was able to browse on my phone with the Gloflat settings. But logging in with my PC Suite, I clicked on the Glogwap settings on the PC Suite and guess what? Glo switched me over automatically to glogwap and pay as you go. I was suspended from all GPRS,EDGE,3G, and 3.5G services.

    I called customer care and asked them to check my Sim settings, without telling them I subscribed to GloFlat of course (No be my line dem go block with bad-belle). The care attendant asked me to recharge, and that the N 8 on my credit can not browse.

    I just recharged and pronto, all the GPRS,EDGE,3G, and 3.5G services was restored GBAM. I re logged in with my Gloflat and entered the gloflat settings on the PC Suite manually and now the story is blazing speed, speed and more speed. And by the weekend I am going to subscribe to G Leisure.

    People, for your own good when configuring your pc suite, just type in the Gloflat settings manually. Do not bother to click the glogwap settings on the pc suite, configure glofalt settings MANUALLY, or else na you go know.

    MTN and their inefficient, unreliable, useless and sad data services, bye-bye for good. Mobility Naija, you rock.

    Oga Yomi Please can you help me out with this question, please.
    1. How can I access my data usage with gloflat?

  16. Guys,

    Been using this new Glo service for a few weeks now. I use a modem with my computer. However, in the last few days, all I have been getting are frustratingly slow speeds. Certainly not high speed internet, as Glo claims.

    Is the honeymoon over?

  17. Raymond,

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea of how to check usage on the new Glo plans yet. Will post whatever I find. Anybody else here have the info?

  18. I got the USB modem yesterday and paid for the GLeisure plan. The connection wasn’t stable @ all but whenever it did manage to connect I got download speeds of up to 350KB/S which is amazing in my opinion. I woke up very early the next morning and tried connecting again. This time around the connection was a lot more stable and the speed same.

    P.S: At the moment I’m updating Windows at a download speed of 2.4mbps. Amazing. This 3GB limit sucks cos I’m really enjoying myself. I’ll get another GLO SIM when my quota finishes. 😉

  19. is the glo honeymoon over? enjoyed the first 2 weeks of wow speeds, its been really unstable for the last 3 days. phew!

  20. I will love to go for a glo bundle which has strong network in my town, but was told by the glo office in Benin City that glo network cannot work with my sony ericsson k510i phone. Is that true? My Zain 100 mb bundle is painfully slow. I need help pl

  21. femis,

    Your SE K510i will work, but only on Glo GPRS, which at best will just be a tad faster than what you are currently experiencing on Zain. The K510i is GPRS-enabled only. No EDGE. No 3G. No 3.5G.

    You might as well endure Zain GPRS until you are able to get a phone with at least 3G.


  22. Archie & Dayann,

    Looks like the honeymoon is indeed over. For a 3.5G connection, the average I have been getting on Glo’s prepaid bundle in the last two weeks is below 40 kb/s. Just so everyone understands, 40 kb/s is the theoretical maximum speed of Glo GPRS.

    Now, I have to stare at a blank screen for minutes while waiting for the simplest of pages to load. I am posting this comment on a Glo 3.5G/HSDPA connection with full bars, and the speed I am getting hovers around 6.1 kb/s. Sigh.

  23. It is a pity! It is a pity! It is a pity! Glo has joined their friends to frustrate Nigerians. At a time I am contemplating paying for G Leisure.

    House, is it not strange that Etisalat that offers only EDGE is now the most stable, reliable but most expensive network. Imagine etisalat selling just 500 MB for N3000. Well, I just have to disable the images on firefox and opera to conserve bandwidth.

  24. Raymond,

    In a sense, it wouldn’t be strange if Etisalat’s EDGE-based service is the most stable now. The average internet user is drawn by the appeal of broadband speeds – which the 3.5G services lay claim to. As such, the majority of users may be flocking to those. This would leave relatively fewer people settling for EDGE.

    Of course, there are other factors behind network stability besides subscriber uptake. I just pointed out one of the factors.

    Back to topic, would you believe that Zain GPRS has outperformed Glo 3.5G at my end for about a week now? Zain GPRS! The stone that the builders rejected?

    Sad 🙁

  25. The average user is drawn to 3g speed cos, I think, the internet is meant to be accessed that way and the options here are so limited. Let me illustrate.

    I wanted to purchase a digital SLR camera (photography is a hobby) and used the internet for research. Several sites had video review and believe me it was much much better watching the reviews than reading them up. Afterwards, I called my sister abroad and we had a video chat. Ah yes, she showed me a couple of stuff on video to make my choice of christmas presents.

    There are other illustrations but I will stop here. And to think I will go back to GPRS? Or even EDGE? TUFIAKWA! *snap my fingers in the air* Maybe etisalat sha. You get my point. Once one taste a good thing, thats it. We become junkies. Broadband junkies. No rehab for this one.

  26. Ok guyz, lets call a spade a spade, this glo stuff aint working for me, because after reading from this site i loaded and configured my HTC-TyTn II hsdpa phone and i ve been trying to connect, guess what i get “this connection has been ended by remote server” then i switched off and swaped the sim into my 3g enabled modem and the same response appears on i dial the connection. and my question is: could it be that my money don waka or there is still hope?

    these are the settings i used:

    APN: gloflat
    US: flat
    PS: flat

    and customer care guyz are’nt helping the matter at all.

  27. Hello jonescosmos,

    Let’s see if we can eliminate some factors one after the other.

    Question 1: do you have airtime on the line after activation?
    Question 2: have you attempted browsing at a different location? This can help tell if the cell site at your location is having issues

  28. i have the same issues connecting with my huawei modem. the settings work perfectly on my phone, but not on the modem. i get error 619 “the remote computer could not be contacted”

    Does anyone know the full name of the apn? gloflat.xxxxxx.xxx? mtn’s is web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net. this is a fully qualified name of the access point.

    any help would be appreciated. i currently have to use joikuspot to turn my phone into a wireless accesspoint

  29. ootch,

    It looks like you are using a branded Huawei modem. MTN-branded perhaps? Glo settings do not work on MTN-branded modems – at least the ones we have tried out. Surprisingly, Zain and Etisalat settings work fine on them.

    The full APN is gloflat. An APN does not have to be a fully qualified domain name.

    For the benefit of others who keep asking, this package has no proxies or ports required for configuration. Just the APN, username and password.

  30. Nice to read the posts about Glo. I’ve just tried them on Monday, the speed is really amazing. Oga Yomi, how about the checking of the bundle usage, any info?

  31. pls can someone tell me the plan code for glo that u need to send to 127 so the bundle will be activated

  32. From what i read above..Gloflat settings will not connect unless you’ve subscribed to a data plan right? I’ve a universal modem that i wanna subscribe glo to..Glogwap connects, glomms connects but gloflat never connects.. Before i subscribe to their bundle, just wanna be double sure its not the modem that has a problem

  33. shayman, you got that right. Gloflat will not connect if you are not subscribed to a bundle plan.

  34. Can somebody please help: I have a ZTE MF637 HSUPA USB modem which is open to any network, it works with Zain but I can get it to work with my Glo. The glo sim card has been activated which works with my mobile phone but not working with my modem. I have used the gloflat APN. Also I have used the glogwap config, but still not working. Please kindly help before my airtime runs out.

  35. For those who care, the activation codes for Glo can be found on their website here:
    http://www.gloworld.com/prepaidhsi.asp (you may need to try again after a day or so if it does not connect, they have been doing a lot of maintenance lately)

    Also to know how much u have used, text info to 127.

    Additionally, Glo 3G was out of service (in Port Harcourt any way, i’m not sure of other places) for about three weeks. When I inquired they said their fibre optic cable was cut, apparently by a Farmer? But now its back up & I have been getting my regular high speed internet up to 2mbps regularly.

    PS: I enjoyed this speed for three months before the fibre optic cut interruption.

    Glo is seriously proving to be a winner here, plus their full month plan (Always Max) is now N7,500.

    Finally there is an additional plan not currently reflected on their website, but it shows on the response text when you text 1 to 127, it is ALWAYS MICRO & its a full month service for N1000 but limited to 150mb.

  36. Hi,
    I have a universal modem that works with etisalt, airtel and mtn sim but won’t connect with glo. I have the correct gloflat settings profile in mobile partners application and I have a active glo always micro plan which works on my phone, I also connect it to pc via nokia pc suite without problem.
    Anyone with a solution ?

  37. Above settings work for my modem but didn’t work for my handset Samsung Omnia i900 whereas other Networks work on the handset without any issue. Please help me

  38. I subscribe to g leisure plan on Glo 3G modem which i bought in less than a month after like three weeks of purchase the modem stopped working as in No PC detects the modem again. I have uninstalled the driver thinking that I will be able to reinstall but all to no result. I called the customer care and they ask me to take the modem to glo world which i did but on getting to glo world they said the modem is bad that i have to go and buy another modem. isnt that crazy? something I have not even use for a month has anyone come across such b4 now incase there is any one with solution please help me out cos I am even scare dof buying another modem. until I have solutions to it I want to believe that Glo are day light robbers.

  39. it is when i try mine first, then I would know what to say. you guys shuld just pray oo

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