Yesterday, I reported from the Easyblaze launch event and gave you key info about the service. Today, I present the Easynet data plans, tariffs and

Updated: Etisalat Easyblaze HSPA+ Plans and FAQ

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Yesterday, I reported from the Easyblaze launch event and gave you key info about the service. Today, I present the Easynet data plans, tariffs and subscription codes.


Here is also a quick FAQ for your convenience.

How do I setup the easy blaze USB modem?
All you have to do with the easyblaze USB modems is put in you already registered and activated Data SIM card, install the USB software on your PC and then connect. You only have to install the software once and the modem is auto-detected by your PC every time you put it in.

Can I share my easyblaze Broadband internet with other users?
To share your Easyblaze connection, you need to purchase either a MiFi Router (supports up to 5 users) or our wireless routers (supports up to 20 users). Once you put your data SIM card and set it up, you can share your connection.

How do pre-paid subscribers get these plans?
You can get these plans by simply recharging your prepaid SIM card and dialing the appropriate Subscription Code or via SMS Keywords.

How do post-paid subscribers get these plans?
New post-paid subscribers can be activated by visiting the shops or call the customer care ‘200’ while an existing subscriber can use any of the subscription codes to activate any of the data plans.

Can an existing easynet subscriber’s upgrade to the 3G services?
Existing subscribers need to use the applicable codes in order to subscribe to easyblaze broadband plans.

Do I always need a Data-Only SIM Card and USB Modem to use these plans?
No. You can use easyblaze broadband plans on your phone and regular etisalat prepaid SIM card.

Can I still make calls and get SMS while using the data plans?
This is device dependent. Please note that not all USB modems support Voice Calls and SMS. However, if you are using your phone with the 3G data plans, you may still be able to make/receive calls and SMS.

How can check the amount of data remaining on my data plan?
Simply dial *228# to confirm your data balance.

In case I forgot the subscription code or SMS keyword, what should I do?
Texts “help” to “299”, and then follow through, the instruction.

What happens when my data plan is exhausted?
When your plan is finished you will go back to your Pay-As-You-Go rate at 5kobo/ kb.


  1. Struggling har,d and failing, to work up any excitement for this initiative.

    Etisalat signals still fluctuate really badly inmy area in Egbeda, Lagos area. Can not do voice calls reliably, Till now!

    And Etisalat is the ONLY network misbehaving like this in this area! Guess I need to move from my ‘bush’?

  2. @eye.bee.kay, is Egbeda truly bush? try ijoko lol. there, you will only have one network service to use. At least in Egbeda you still have other networks providing you better service.

  3. Why am I not excited? Glo produce better service and cheaper rates in my area. In Delta State, not Lagos. Heehee.

    However, Yomi, there was no mention of cost of the data services. And also I’m not sure if it’d extend to my niche over here?

  4. @ yomi
    U mentioned something about “our wireless Router which supports up to 20 users”
    Where or how can I get such wireless router.

  5. I purchased a Etisalat sim card and registered it. It became active within 24 hours and I got 15mb free internet with it. The internet is very slow however. I see that I only receive EDGE and not the advertised 3.75G or HSDPA.

    On the Etisalat website they advertise speeds of up to 42Mbps on the 3.75G broadband network. I only get 100kbps max when doing a speedtest (that is 0.1Mbps). Is the broadband not active yet or is it just not available in my area?

    I live in Apapa Lagos and work on Tincan Island. I have driven around in Apapa but I never get better than EDGE or GPRS. Are there settings I need to install to get the broadband internet??

  6. hmmm these easyblaze prices look exactly the same as they always have been on etisalat easynet??? even the USSD codes are the same except for number one which replaces the 100mb/N1,000 plan.

    pls forgive me if I’m wrong but as I understand it basically I am paying the same price for *superfast* but *getting and managing* a struggling EDGE connection on easynet??

  7. Raim,

    By the way, what device are you using to connect with? Have you set it to 3G mode or Dual mode? If its on GSM-only mode, you won’t be able to pick a 3G signal.

    I just subscribed successfully a few minutes ago and immediately got a 3G signal.

  8. Glo is giving me all I need in mobile internet for now notwithstanding the instability in their 3G connection. Maybe I’ll try Etisalat SIM just to see how well my area is covered.

    By the way, I don’t think I’ll be using their data services soon. Their pricing is not pocket friendly at all. I’m suspecting that the reason they’re maintaining this high price in their data services is to maintain the quality of their data service delivery since they may not have adequate facilities in place to accommodate surge in data subscription.

  9. The funny thing is,- i have NEVER enjoyed Etisalat for one day since they came to Nigeria (Egbeda- Laggos). Even when i have enough signal level, the data connection is tterribly slow. The initial attraction was their free data,& homezone but what is the point? I can not even call reliably. So, the SIM has remained permanently in the matchbox (along with the MTN) where i keep memmory cards + redundant SIMs

  10. Eye.Bee.Kay,

    My story is similar to yours. Like you, I never had good data service on Etisalat till now.

    But I am so enjoying Easyblaze now that I am thinking of putting my Etisalat SIM to permanent use for data.

  11. For 28days there was no network at all in my area…where can possibly be more ‘bushy’…’s QoS is not impressive at all..very disappointing. Thats why i still dont trust their noise abt easyblaze

  12. Hi Yomi,

    I read the article you put up on your site.I liked the Easyblaze. I have read about it though on daily tabloids and I have two challenges:
    Does Etisalat have any device for sale(Modem or Mifi ) that will be able to take full advantage of their 42mbps rated HSPA+?

    The data limit is very restrictive at 6GB max. The data max for the ‘Night and Weekend’ plan is not stated. Do you know the limit?

    All in all, its good Etisalat has blazed the trail in bringing HSPA+ to Nigeria. I hope other carriers will pick up quickly. That gives Nigerians many options and creates a compatitive market.


  13. can i use the 3g on pay as you go because the 3g is not connecting in my phone even though the network bar is full.

  14. Yomi please can you do a review on this easyblaze stuff. i am in Ibadan and i have issues just like a lot of guys said its edge every where. them secondly are the speeds they claim real. when something sounds too good to be true like this one that when i open my eyes wide. i trust what you say so pls say something about speed and coverage. thanks.

  15. I get 3.6MBPS using my sim in an unlocked mtn fastlink modem. I however saw etisalat advertise 42MBPS. Really, it’s damn fast relatively as it is but why the big difference. 3 to 42? Can’t be too much yno.

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