Etisalat enters top 5 mobile subscribers list

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We have just updated our page presenting statistics about mobile networks in Nigeria. The information on that page is sourced from the NCC website.

etisalatWhat is significant is that Etisalat has moved several steps up into the exclusive list of top 5 mobile operators in Nigeria. The 0809 network now occupies number 5 slot with 1,835,870 active subscribers, trailing Visafone (2,533,812 active subscribers). Multilinks Telkom follows Etisalat closely with 1,820,750 active subscribers.


  1. When NCC finally implements their Universal Numbering System (allowing us to retain our numbers across network), I envisage a turbulent and constant shift in the rankings of these providers.

    The early entrants still enjoy some edge because this Universal Numbering thing has not yet been implemented.

    The truly efficient and reliable networks will be the ones that will enjoy a massive shift to their network.

    Let us hope NCC ends not take forever to implement this!

  2. Want to know why I can’t ve my credit back since I have not been able to browse whit my blackberry after activated d services on my phone .

  3. Etisalat are doing well with their approach to marketing by targeting the young and youthful. It is all over their marketing media, ads and jingles. However, I think that their biggest selling point has been the consistency of their services (from my experience). They have relatively fewer system/network “down times” especially in their Internet services.

    Their main hurdle now, I think, is the spread of their network coverage. Being the newest network in the country, this is understandable. But if they continue their network expansion nationwide, I believe they have all it takes to give GLO, MTN and Airtel a hot run for their old ages!

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