Etisalat Nigeria says that new and existing customers on their network are sset to enjoy enhanced service as they are now live on the submarine

Etisalat goes live on Main One

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Etisalat Nigeria says that new and existing customers on their network are sset to enjoy enhanced service as they are now live on the submarine fibre optic cable system run by Main One Cable Company.


Etisalat logoThis makes Etisalat the first telecoms company to connect to Main One.

In a related news item, Globacom has announced that their own submarine cable system, Glo 1, will go live in August. That’s some days from now.

Telecoms subscribers have waited in anticipation to experience the difference that these two submarine cable systems will have on both uality of service and tariffs. The wait continues.


  1. No Wonder! I have being experiencing some unusually fast browsing speeds occasionally on etisalat.

    Glo one live? I thought they said it was ‘live’ several months. Goal post shifting …

  2. i hope this sparks a price war between operators translating into cheaper internet with bigger data allowances coupled with much needed bandwidth. heard mtn and starcomms are on main one too bypassing glo one for obvious reasons.

  3. Pls, post details of mtn’s new link up tariffs sorry for requesting it here but am anxious to get it, my interent connection is slow.

  4. Good news for internet access in Nigeria.

    I wonder how this cable can benefit Etisalat users up country (i.e. outside Lagos)as the company doesn’t have fiber links to other states (e.g. Sokoto, Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Port etc). What do you think?

    What of Etisalat’s EDGE network? It surely can’t be faster than, say, MTN whose 3.5g gives me > 1.5 Mbs at the best of times.

    What of Glo? August? so many dates I don’t know what to believe. What I expect is a good distribution of glo 1 access via their extensive fiber network throughout the country.

    Is MTN on Main One?

  5. @yomi. I meant the new tariff plan from mtn, code named linkup plan. Saw a preview of it on the punch paper today. Pls post details for us. Thanx.

  6. Hope these cables go some way in making fast internet affordable to the masses.
    I dont understand how this cable stuff works. Is it like a giant ethernet cable from europe. Can they(operators) have special lines for these connection and charge more. Promoting it as fast and reliable for business customers?
    I guess we have to wait and see.

  7. bosun99uk,

    Sadly, we are not going to see broadband speeds on Etisalat until they have a 3G network in place. This linkup with MainOne may give them the capacity, but they do not currently have the lastline technology running to translate that capacity into broadband speeds for end users.

  8. I had 5.1 mbps on my etisalat today

    :::.. Download Stats ..:::
    Download Connection is:: 5089 Kbps about 5.1 Mbps (tested with 6144 kB)
    Download Speed is:: 621 kB/s
    Tested From:: (Main)
    Test Time:: 2010-07-30 15:27:01 GMT
    Bottom Line:: 89X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 1.65 sec
    Tested from a 6144 kB file and took 9.891 seconds to complete
    Download Diagnosis:: Seriously? Are you kidding me?: You are running at 422% of your hosts average (2.116)

  9. Not very sure but i once had that Dangote has a 3G right he was going to sell to Etisalat.

    Time will tell

  10. Yomi are you on etisalat? Are they fast, even though they are on EDGE and not 3G. Please confirm. I am on Starcomms and nothing yet. still the same.

  11. @bosun99uk, this is what you are looking for: Etisalat to buy 3G license off Alheri? The last I heard, the deal had been signed.

    @sean, Etisalat’s delivery is VERY location-dependent. At home, their service is unusable (takes about 10 minuutes to load MobilityArena’s homepage). At the office, it delivers admirable speeds for an EDGE network. Everything works fine there.

    I recommend that you purchase airtime and try out their 100mb package at your location before committing heavily to EasyNet.

  12. Etisalat has always been the best for me interms of speed. I eperience off days some times just like the last 2 days but i’m yet to get a better alternative.
    I do most of my online activity on phone, but some of the time when i use my phone as modem i get about 25kb/s while glo and zain struggle to reach 5kb/s , this was monts back in ipaja area of lagos.

  13. well.. not too sure, but glo might have been testing their glo1 cable the past few weeks because their internet speed in areas where its usually slow has improved significantly. In new oko-oba, i download at 350kbps and 996kbps in ejigbo, lagos.

  14. I’ll have to try Etisalat again now that their network is connected to Main One. I am having a horrible experience with Glo High Speed Internet. Too slow of recent, with speed of 28kbps as maximum speed attained so far. On skype calls, the connection keeps dropping and I have not been able to use up to 1GB of my 3GB bundle in 28 days because of this. When will Glo HSI connect to Glo 1?

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