Etisalat Introduces Data Recharge Vouchers for Easyblaze Users


Lagos, Nigeria: 30 April, 2013: Nigeria’s most innovative and fastest growing telecommunications company, Etisalat has simplified data bundle purchase and usage for customers, with the creation of special recharge  vouchers called the Direct Data Voucher. This scratch card enables customers to buy data bundles without having to buy a conventional airtime recharge card or remember activation codes.

This new customer-centric product eliminates the process of loading airtime and then sending a code to convert the airtime to a data bundle, making it possible for Etisalat customers to simply purchase data bundles directly. The voucher offering comes with data bundles ranging from 200MB to 1.5GB.

To make things easier for customers, the Direct Data Voucher also has an electronic version (e-PIN), which offers data top-up using a 15-digit PIN, just like the scratch card.. With the launch of the e-Pin, customers will be able to reload data bundles in three voucher sizes – 200MB (N1000), 500MB (N2000) and 1.5GB (N4000). E-Pins are available from Etisalat’s channel partner outlets, a list of which can be found on its website

‘We are always eager to develop products and services with our customers in mind.  Our research indicates that our Direct Data Voucher, which is available for both prepaid and post-paid lines, will help our customers get easier access to data services’, said Wael Ammar, Chief Commercial Officer at Etisalat Nigeria. The result will be a significant reduction in the time customers spend using the previous recharge method and easier top up for internet services”.

Ammar continued, “Direct Data Voucher is simple to use and the PIN is easy to load. . It doesn’t stop there; customers still rollover their data if they top up before their existing data expires It is the same great service, but even simpler.

When a subscriber purchases a Direct Data Voucher, data bundles can be loaded by typing *222*PIN. It’s also easy to buy data for friends by typing *222*PIN*the person’s number#., Direct Data Vouchers, However, may not be used to maintain smartphone voice plans but can be used side by side.

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  1. So?

    When I was still writing programming code for a living centuries back. some colleagues liked to preen as to how beautiful their codes were arranged and commented.

    one of us used to disparage by asking,

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    So, I ask Etisalat,

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