GSM mobile operator, Etisalat, has launched a package that delivers a bundle of services including: 3MB worth of FREE browsing monthly free midnight calls to

Etisalat introduces EasyCliq

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GSM mobile operator, Etisalat, has launched a package that delivers a bundle of services including:easycliqlogo_w

  • 3MB worth of FREE browsing monthly
  • free midnight calls to other EasyCliq members
  • Facebook update service via SMS
  • MMS uploads to Facebook gallery
  • 10 FREE MMS monthly
  • Free downloads of wallpapers, ringtones and screensavers from the Etisalat portal
  • Talk ‘n’ Share
  • Bonus on incoming calls: 5 minutes of incoming calls gives you 1 free minute bonus airtime
  • SMS to other EasyCliq members: N5; Send one and get one FREE
  • N0.40 per second to other EasyCliq members peak; N0.25 per second off-peak; N0.50 per second to all others

To enjoy the service, purchase an EasyCliq pack, which gives you four SIM cards that you can share with the individuals in your clique. The numbers in the pack are sequential too, so its easy to remember them.

More details:
EasyCliq Pricing
EasyCliq Services


  1. Sounds like a desperate attempt from Etisalat to generate some interest. Me, I’m still not impressed. They will have to offer more to get my attention.
    Untill then, my fingers are crossed.

  2. They shld increase d free monthly internet usage.
    This is good for a start bcos this will trigger more competition among d operators.
    Yomi u ddnt tell us about their data service pricing i.e. per kilobyte.

  3. Dayo, if Etisalat had upped the 3MB free browsing to at least 100MB monthly, I’d have been tempted. And I can vouch that more people would have been too.

    I keep wondering if the operators take current trends into consideration in product development. Or am I speaking from a lofty position? 😉

  4. Going through the dailies yesterday and today, I kept running into news items on Etisalat’s EasyCliq touting the package as innovative. Ahem, but here’s my take:

    1. The 3mb free monthly data is too small. At least 100mb will do.
    2. Facebook update via SMS and MMS: Why would I want to update Facebook by SMS and MMS when I have direct internet service at my disposal? And I’m speaking for many others here. Facebook mobile is very accessible via the mobile internet
    3. All the other bits and pieces of EasyCliq are things other operators are already doing anyway, so they hardly count as “innovative” now; do they?

    In April, I wrote to Etisalat about flat monthly internet packages. Till now, I am yet to receive the feedback they said they would send me.

    It is odd that Etisalat claims that the EasyCliq package is targeted at younger people, but ignore the simple fact that this same set of people are predominantly hungry for one thing now: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T.

    Give this group of people affordable internet plans and shelf Facebook SMS/MMS updates. Give your customers what they need; not something that sounds thrilling to you. That’s a basic principle of business. Meet needs, and stop playing games.

    Rant over.

  5. Mayowa, you have to buy an EasyCliq pack:

    To enjoy the service, purchase an EasyCliq pack, which gives you four SIM cards that you can share with the individuals in your clique.

  6. Yomi,
    Does that mean those already using easystarter sim can not benefit the so call easycliq package?If that it that, what is Etisalat encouraging,multiple number usage or what? Anyway,we shall continue to wait until they release the final version of their SIM PACK. Well,this is why i still believe if not for congestion problem, MTN remains the best network in nigeria for now.Anyway,i learnt VODAFONE is making it way into nigeria, may be they could be more reasonable.

  7. Does that mean those already using easystarter sim can not benefit the so call easycliq package?

    Basically, yes.

    The Vodafone guys keep talking about coming to Nigeria but are yet to demonstrate any serious effort at making it happen. We watch. And wait.


  8. AbuBakar
    You can migrate from the easy starter package to the easy cliq by dialing 244 and following the voice prompt or simply by dialing *244*1#.


  9. Easystarter users can migrate to easycliq. U dial this a shortcode~*224*1# (but please confirm this by calling customer care). If u got ur SIM by the uchoose promotion, u will forfeit ur free 300secs monthly when u switch to easycliq.I am really disappointed by Etisalat so far, I thot they would really up the ante especially as regards data.

  10. Viper and Bayuze, thanks for the fresh info. Any link? Couldn’t find that info on the Etisalat website.

    PS: Bayuze, I think you meant *244*1# instead of *224*1#

  11. I tried hard looking for it on the website but it was simply not there. I then passed by their shop in silver bird and voilà the information was there on a flyer. This is the 21st century and they still don’t publish such info on the web ?!

  12. iam in Zaria but have been finding it difficult to set zaria as my homezone which has discouraged me from using the line. it keeps telling me ur current location cannot be set as ur homezone.

    sent a mail to etisalat for the past 1month and no reply yet. can someone helpme out, the network coverage is ok i made calls with line.

  13. The option to allow existing SIM holders migrate introduces a new dimension to the package. For example, for someone like myself who has an Etisalat SIM is that I do not have to go spend extra money in purchase of the EasyCliq pack.

    I dialled 244 this morning and followed the voice prompts. A few minutes later, i got the following SMS:

    Your migration was successful, thank you for choosing ETISALAT.

    The 3mb free internet should be good for the mobile web tests I often have to run.

  14. Thanks Yomi for the correction. But I think the essence of the Easycliq is to get as many people on board the network as possible.

  15. Nonye,

    I suggest you call customer care. Dial 200 from your etisalat line.

  16. Beware…

    Just a note of warning based on my experience with EasyCliq this morning. After migrating, I confiirmed that I was on the new package (dial 244 and follow voice prompts) and then decided I would see if the 3mb free browsing is as Etisalat has said.

    Well, it turned out that it isn’t (at least it wasn’t as at the time I carried out my test). I confirmed the airtime I had left on my line and then browsed a couple of low-bandwidth, mobile-friendly sites for a few minutes. After disconnecting from the interneet, I checked my balance, and found that Etisalat had billed me for browsing.

    I tried speaking with a customer care personnel, but the call dropped each time I selected the option to speak with one. Who wants to try next? :mrgreen:

  17. I called Etisalat customer care today to ask about the 3mb free browsing. I was told that the freebie kicks in after I use N500 in a particular month! Smart al ecs. When I asked what happens if I hit the N500 usage mark two days to the end of the month, I was told that I would have just two days to use up my 3mb freebie.

  18. Yomi,

    So which features of the etisalat easy cliq you are fond of?

    I like this 50/50 split of the calls, it is really new and innovative, also the bonus on incoming calls is amazing. i now talk with my easy cliq friends free, THAT’S COOOOOLLLLLLL.

  19. Viper,

    Honestly, there’s very little that catches my fancy about the package. Its just that it is part of my duties to play around with different packages from different operators.

    I don’t have anyone using Etisalat, so the SMS and voice offers would do me no good.

    The 3mb free internet has also turned out to be a bogey (and I don’t blame them entirely either; they need active income-generating subscribers). But it would have been more customer-friendly had it been structured such that the freebie is activated when I load N500 each month.

    That way, they make money and do not cheat me out of the freebie, since I can enjoy it right from whenever I load the pre-required airtime, instead of when I use it up.

    As it is, EasyCliq offers me very little.

  20. Yomi,
    you are doing a great job here. i have read series of your publications (like Nokia Map) and i have learnt a lot. keep the flag high.

    i still blame all of these insults that we receive from telecommunication operators to the Government, i feel there should be a regulatory body or agent of the Fed. Govt (i know we have, but they are not leaving to expectation) to always check their (Operators) freebies before publishing it. Zain sometime introduced this true talk package, which is being seen as fraudulent to me.

    talking about the issue of this easycliq, in particular, updating your FB status, do you know one is charged N20 for that. my bone of contention is with this foreigners coming to Nigeria to make us fools, lets ask ourselves, can we go abroad to try that and you wont be deported immediately?

    I look forward to getting the best soon from telecommunication because with facts i say that none of the operators have given us what they give outside this country, it all balls down to the input from the Government…

  21. WELL, Etisalat services are ok 4 now, i access the net even in the bush at cheaper rate, i make calls at cheaper rate. my only concern is about there promo, am not sure if it truly exist. never won, never seen a winner! CHECK IT OUT

  22. Aminu,

    You mentioned surfing the internet at ‘cheaper rate’.

    Can you specify how much you are billed for internet access?

  23. I thought When Etisalat rolls out they where going to roll out with Full 3g services, I am really disapointed in them, I caled them and they told me they where yet to roll out their 3g services though at the moment I am not in Lagos so I cant confirm if they have done that.

    Etisalat is the latest entry in the GSM market, they shouldn’t only concentrate on voice calls but also on data services, How can they give 3 mb monthly it is unrealistic because a good browser can use up 3mb under 5 minutes, I would advice they come with something better than MTN, GLO & ZAIN, lets say 6 gigabyte a month that would be very fair and woo mtn subscribers to their network

  24. Marvolio,

    Etisalat did not get a 3G license and so are not currently in a position to roll out 3G. The NCC specifically stated that beyond those issued no other 3G licenses were available due to spectrum limitations.

    Etisalat is not concentrating on only voice. They have had internet service over EDGE right from the inception, and they do have a number of data packages out there. For example, see Etisalat Introduces EasyNet – Bundle Internet Packages

    Are you serious about wanting Etisalat to give out 6GB of internet access out to siubscribers for free every month? Pardon me, but you sound like the one who is being unrealistic here.

  25. Pls how can I migrate from easy cliq to easy starter? It appears those on easy cheap calls than those on easy cliq.


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