GSM mobile operator, Etisalat, has launched bundle internet packages under the brand name, EasyNet. Advertisement Basically, the EasyNet service gives you a dedicated data SIM and a…

Etisalat Introduces EasyNet – Bundle Internet Packages

GSM mobile operator, Etisalat, has launched bundle internet packages under the brand name, EasyNet.


etisalatBasically, the EasyNet service gives you a dedicated data SIM and a USB modem, to be used with one of the available bundle internet plans. At the moment, EasyNet plans include:

  • 100MB for 30 days at N1,000
  • 500MB for 30 days at N3,000
  • 3GB for 30 days at N10,000

I spoke with an Etisalat customer care lady this evening to find out if the EasyNet packages can be activated on regular voice lines. The answer I was given was a No. According to her, EasyNet is available only on dedicated data SIMs for use with their USB modems. Bad move.


Etisalat is also running a Launch Offer. This “offers special discount on the EasyNet service from launch till December 31st, 2009. This discount offer subscribers access to more data than actually purchased”. Sounds like a good deal.

Okay, we asked for it and Etisalat has delivered. The packages look good. The sour point, in my opinion, is the restriction of the bundle plans to data SIMs only. Those Etisalat customers who want to use internet on their regular phones, smartphones and pocket PCs have no option but to continue to shell out the regular rate of 35 kobo per kb.


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  1. In my opinion, they are still not serious. Why can’t I use my regular SIM to access their bundle Internet plan? Why must I buy another SIM? Why can’t I use it on my phone when I so chose to?

    On the positive side however, I like what they are offering in terms of pricing and hope they will not insist on selling the data SIM alongside the USB Modem.

  2. this is good news for people, i just wish they were MTN or possibly are now available in Owerri, so i can use it in school.
    this is the most customer sensitive package ever even though the restriction to data SIM is a little harsh but worth it. hope other networks can replicate a package like this

  3. Etisalat hasn’t changed the game in anyway. They are priced just the same as the other who have better coverage, goodwill, etc. I’m disappointed with Etisalat.

  4. I was once told that Etisalat has EDGE network eveywhere it has internet service. That means those of us making do with GPRS from other networks can have better speed with Etisalat. Does anybody know if that is true or not ?
    As far as the bundle price is concerned, I think they have just mimicked Zain.

  5. IG, yes; Etisalat claims to have total EDGE coverage. Yes; that should translate to faster speeds than on GPRS networks.

  6. Chukwudi,

    Dedicated data SIMs do not have voice and SMS access – just internet service. To get one, drop in at any Etisalat care centre.

  7. well too bad etisalat won’t let us use normal simcards and wouldn’t sell those cards without them modem cos i’ve got a universal 3G modem gotten from Glo a 7.5mbps 3G modem fastest i’ve come around and it connects wit all the networks in nigeria.also pls i need 2know about zain’s bundle plan and can it be used on a normal sim too? i’m tired of using Glo! its too expensive but FAST!

  8. Leke,

    Zain’s bundle plans are available on regular SIMs. For more details, do a search on this site for Zain Mobile Internet.

  9. @ Yomi, I ve a Zain data sim card dat is also used for voice and sms. So I dont believe that data sim cards are dedicated solely to internet service.

  10. Azeez,

    The question asked was as follows:

    What’s the difference btw a dedicated data sim and the regular sim?

    A “dedicated” data SIM is strictly data. What you have is not a “dedicated” data SIM.


  11. If you can’t beat them join them, if you can’t join them steal from them!

    Someone should tell Etisalat or Eti-whatever, they are not ready for business in Nigeria yet. When will these guys learn to make life easy for the masses? Technology should be people centered!

  12. Sorry for the typo(s) in the last comment, I was really upset- these service providers don’t seem to listen to comments from the masses.

    Let’s take a cue from the iPhone. Though a wonderful piece of gadget, there are genuine haters of the iPhone. Haters, because of the wierd policies of Apple.

    Technology should be centered on rendering services to fellow humans in the most convenient and cheapest ways. I was one of those who proclaimed to people that Etisalat would change the face of GSM voice and data services in Nigeria for the better, but, it appears they are doing the opposite of what they are known for in other countries.

    MTN blocked access to OperaMini because of the workarounds ppl have been using. Is cutting off the head the cure for an headache? BTW, who says those defenses will not be broken eventually (LMFAO!)?

    These services should be made affordable, period!

  13. abayomi,

    I agree on the need for service providers to provide affordable services. Yet, certain factors drive lower tariffs – one of them being mass adoption. When a critical mass of users subscribe to a paid service, it usually makes it possible for service providers to drop tariffs some more.

    Where I have a problem is with all the rage about MTN (and indeed any other service provider) blocking access to Opera Mini. People are not thinking this matter through.

    If you were a company offering a service (at a cost you deem makes business sense for you), and you observe that the huge majority of users of that service have found a way to use that service without paying you a kobo, would you turn the other way?

    You have invested millions of dollars (much of this in loans that are still outstanding), and are getting minimal returns because your service is being robbed.

    The laws of economics would allow you drop tariffs if these millions of theives were paying for the service as required, but they are not. Instead they find a way around paying.

    Have you considered this?

    We keep complaining about network congestion – meaning that too many subscribers are already using the service. If people were paying, the occurrences of congestion would drop, but the thieving rogues who hack through to free internet contribute to the congestion.

    Have you considered that price is a means of keeping congestion in check? If you say that MTN should build more capacity for data on their network, with what funds? The funds that refuse to come in because many internet subscribers are not paying but browsing free through illegal hacks?

    I have no affiliations to MTN. I have never done a contract for them. But I am a business man – and in the technical field for that matter. I know the factors that are involved in this kind of scenario.

    If I find some of my customers to be exploiting my business the way MTN’s network is being exploited, I would block whatever channel they are using. If it means blocking an entire country or region from my service (like global brands like PayPal and GoDaddy have done), I would. Without looking back until things change.

    We can keep complaining all we like, but Nigerians are their own worst enemies. We are not backward because of colonialism. We are backward because we keep cooking up excuses for doing wrong.

    For more on this, see my responses on this subject under Opera Mini with Multiple Tab Browsing.

    If you would like to continue this discussion of the blocking of Opera Mini, please do so under that thread, so we can keep things streamlined.

  14. Etisalat just keep shooting itself in d leg… is always taking d right steps in d wrong directions. Here are some of them:
    * Facebook status update at 20 Naira: why would I update my status for 20 Naira when I can visit d mobile site,do d update & do lots of other things for less than that amount.
    * Mobile internet browsing @ 35 kobo/kilobyte: this is costlier than other networks’ tarrif. As a newcomer, it should have given us a reasonable tarrif to attract subscribers.
    * Free 3Mb internet usage for easycliq users: this is small. At least 10Mb would do.
    * Easynet package: why rescrict it to only data sim cards & their USB modem. Restricting it will leave out lots of people that would have loved to enjoy the package but cant do so because of d restriction.
    I am still thinking of their other goofs.

  15. the problem i ve with this network is that,y can’t they make the 10k plan unlimited instead of 3GB,that’s small beside for someone like me i stay at an area where there is no 3.G coverage,instead am bent on using gprs,why can’t the bundle be unlimited for 10k..i think thats a more better offer,dnt see any difft btw MTNZain,GLo and Now Etisalat.they should make the 10k 3GB….there are many airlines in Nigeria Aero decieds to make there’s 7K when you book advance why can’t Etisalat attract cutomers with better offer…

  16. Infact,iam was very disappointed in Etisalat’s internet bundle when i rushed to their office at CEDDI plaza Abuja to buy the easynet sim and was told it goes with the modem only.

    Why should a mobile network provider introduced a bundle that did not allow the use of its data sim card on phone even though its primary services are phone depended, aspecially at the time when even the pc vendors are fastly struggling to reduce pc to a handheld device? Why should Etisalat compel us to buy its usb modem and own a pc before we can use its bundle?

    Well, if Etisalat think it can just come and exploit us anyhow, we are sorry! Cos we have alternatives.When Etisalat first came to ABUJA i bought their sim and tested it then narrated my experiece to my friends,and they became anxious.But when it launches in NIGER state my friends quickly dump their MTN lines because of Etisalat ‘edge’ services.But after 2 days they all dropped Etisalat because of cost and moved back to MTN and suddenly trust MTN they quickly launched their own powerful EDGE services all over the place.

    So if Etisalat like, it should keep following the advice of those who think nigerians are fools, and they shall soon get themselves isolated.

  17. take for instance this Your-freedom browsin software people involve in this get 1yr package of Basic,your paying less that 10k for a whole year, people prefare subcribing to that since it’s cheaper than to there network providers…

    if Etisalat would reduce it’s tarrif and data cost to like say 5K or 7K for monthly unlimited Data plan browsing…and not restricting them to 3GB a month for 10K….let them run Promo for one week and see if they woudn’t get to the top..i guess no one would even think of hacking it…neither look for a way to get around them…within months they will replace ISP’’s,hotels,homes other businesses would use them.

  18. Shiznit,

    I also agree that lower tariffs would be better. We need more affordable services, and I hope that Etisalat and others move in that direction.

    However, I disagree with the idea that more affordable services will necesarilly do away with iillegal hacks. It is like saying that increasing a corrupt person’s income will stop him from stealing company or public funds. We all know from experience that it does not. The problem is the person; not his income.

    I suspect that even if Etisalat gives unlimited internet access for N500 a month, there would still be a significant number of people who will continue complaining and looking for hacks.

    Having said that, Etisalat, if you are reading, you cannot go wrong by reducing your mobile internet services – even if its just a wee bit for competitive advantage!

  19. i think etisalat did not research on its competitors because this is not the best in the market. mtn offers 3gb for 2500 night package and 50mb for 500 for the daily. atleast you get to use it on ur fone.

    Yom, Brushing over the mtn issues, congestion is never caused by internet users, the caller and the data user use different spectrums or whatever the call it. we had congestions even when coloured phones where only seen in movies.

    And about the nigerian system i see nothing wrong the wrong is in me and you lets quit the talking and do the walking.

    Someone said sumthing about the restrictions, 3gb is perfect that way we dont have to prove we are nigerians downloading things we dont need and we dont stretch there bandwidth. And when you are about to download somthing that is 3gb you will go men am going to be paying 10 grand for that you will rethink clicking download.

  20. Ahmed,

    Hello, and thanks for chipping in. You said:

    congestion is never caused by internet users

    This is very untrue. If you have too many internet users on a particular network, congestion occurs on that network, and you find that your individual browing speed drops.

    This is an industry fact long established from years back. Cheers.

  21. hello, i spoke to an etisalat customer care lady this morning and she confirmed that the modem is 14k, data sim is 200 naira and only sold together.

  22. For your info, ya all, MTN modem is now 12000 Naira. I dont know if it is a promo price or not. I got d scoop from their customer care rep last week. I aint taking d bait yet, am still waiting for better offer from other network operators.

  23. I believe that in every twelve, there is always likely to be a Judas. If our network providers increase their unlimited data tariff to as high as 100k monthly or as low as N500 monthly, I dare say there would still be hackers breaking successfully into their systems. Even in developed countries, companies hire the services of hackers to foil hacking attempts and they constantly upgrade their facilities. As I write even with opera mini servers blocked, ways have been found to by-pass it! Just do a search and you will see. So what am I saying, Mtn and others should bring down data tariffs whilst employing the services of professionals to foil hacking attempts.

  24. Who says, that we cnt activate the data package on voice enabled sim? i got it activated last week but the problem is that i have to keep changing the sim when i wanna connect 🙂

  25. Dxb, u said u have to keep changing d sim when u want to connect. Pls lets know what u actually mean by that.

  26. why should I pay 10k for 3GB monthly data plan on Etisalat EDGE network when the same plan on MTN 3G network cost the same?
    Etisalat plsssssssssssss think.

  27. Methinks Etisalat is trying to offer value for money but is going about it in a very unintelligent manner. It just wont work in the current Nigerian telecommunication market. Great service, HORRIBLE pricing. Ouch!

  28. Ebimo,

    I like your analogy of a Judas among the twelve. Unfortunately, the reality in Nigeria is more of having 11 Judases in every group of 12.

    Yes; I agree that these companies should hire security guys for their networks, but with Opera Mini and Your-Freedom, it does not seem that the hole is in the network, but rather in those software. If so, the logical thing is to block them outright.

    Many payment processors globally have manned cyber security systems in place, yet find that the way out is to block off certain countries – including Nigeria – totally..

    We should spend our energy trying to curb the bad behaviour of our people instead. We simply need to stop giving excuses for being corrupt.

  29. hi all,

    just left the etisalat shop at mm2 and one can buy the data sim without the modem (im sure many of you have found that out already but thought id put it on here)

    it costs N200 + any of the three packages mentioned above so i ended up paying N3,200 for the 500mb plan they added a bonus of 150mb.

    the only thing i didnt like the sound of is that the sales lady mentioned that the package is not renewable within the month of activation which means if you finish the 650mb before the month runs out then you have to pay 15kobo/kb till the month ends only then can you renew

    this is unlike mtn zain etc where if your mb’s finish it resets and you just reload for a new month your thoughts?

  30. Karmawa,

    Thanks for this vital update.Its good to see Etisalat get flexible about this. Now, if only they can provide codes for activating these plans on regular SIMs.

    Thanks again.

  31. hi Yomi,

    you’re welcome 🙂 as for etisalat making the data bundles available for regular sims it looks to me thats going to happen soon! already we’ve seen them enter reverse fast with regards to only selling the data card with the modem, now thats been pushed aside does it make sense to keep regular sim users from using their service via the bundles? time will tell.

  32. Karmawa,

    I just saw DXB’s comment posted a few days ago, and it seems that Etisalat may have done a reversal on that too.

    However, I just got off the line speaking with an Etisalat customer care personnel, and she insisted that if I want internet access without the USB modem, I can only have access to the 35 kobo billing plan. She also insisted that its the same if I want to use internet on my voice line.

    Sigh. I keep wondering why customer care personnel are kept ignorant of the newest developments by network operators. At least we know the former to be untrue.

  33. @Yomi: LMAO. Most customer service people I’ve encountered here in Nigeria don’t even know crap about what they are managing. It’s like they have a manual that’s so limited on the amount of knowledge they are allowed access to.

  34. GPRS uses free capacity on GSM networks. Internet users do not contribute to voice congestion on networks but they would contribute to congestion for internet users themselves. EDGE is an upgrade of GPRS and more efficiently uses free capacity, in fact making access four times faster. Incidentally if there is congestion over voice then internet access will certainly enjoy enough congestion as there would be too little capacity available to internet users.

    As per bundle rates I personally think Nigerian networks are just too expensive. Upgrading networks to handle GPRS or EDGE or whatever is more of software than actual hardware and doesn’t cost the world to implement. It is actually the better usage of available capacity, i.e. extra income for same capacity. However, to increase physical capacity would involve greater investment in hardware. I doubt the networks are investing in this capacity building. This means we are just being extorted to increase revenues, they are making such huge profits, in fact, at our distress that it borders on immorality. Unfortunately this is quite normal in our environment.

    I know we have a very poor culture of responsibility in Nigeria as expressed in our general need not to pay for services we use but I don’t agree that if prices are dropped that there won’t be a dramatic increase in paying users. For one, the lag in wanting to pay for service is based on the burden it places on the customer, this certainly increases the temptation to look for cheaper, or better free, alternatives i.e. the less the burden the less the temptation. This is not to say that it will be eradicated. As you may agree with me, in Nigeria, we live in a world where there is plenty, all these are made available around us but we are generally incapacitated. My brothers, N500 for instance is not that available to so many people who need internet access.

    I am one that has had high hopes in etisalat. I just hope that bad judgement will not come in their way of general likability and subsequent expansion. I haven’t tried their internet connection but I hope it is good and that they will work out more meaningful bundles. I’ve tried Zain and found connectivity poor, MTN is more expensive from the monthly level but is quite better than Zain’s, these are the two angles etisalat should work on; better pricing, better connection!

  35. I’d like to know if the branded USB dongles can be used with other networks. Example: I buy an MTN branded usb modem. If MTN’s service goes down can I use that same modem to browse with Etisalat or Glo SIM?
    I just want to know if there’s some network restriction on this modems before I waste my money.

    Now, if there’s a restriction, what specifications must I look out for if I want to order a USB modem from the States Or UK?

    Hope this ain’t asking for much. 😉

  36. Someone’s gotta talk to these people. Yes Etisalat’s internet connection(speed) is very fast but if they are saying we have to get dedicated data sim cards and modem so we can have access to bundled packages then i will say its outrageous but there could be a reason for this action outside profit maximization but if only they can make the provision for voice sims, i bet u, so many Nigerians would enjoy it. Some people do not mind the cost but as long as the service is guaranteed

  37. Chukwudi,

    Usually, modems purchased from network operators are locked to their respective networks, though there are exceptions.

    For example, I have an MTN modem that is unlocked, and I am able to use it with a Zain SIM. Be sure to ask before purchasing. If possible, buy an unbranded modem from the open market.

    Be also sure that the modem you purchase is properly specified or you may end up with a useless toy. Look for the following frequency specs: 900/1800/2100.

    900 + 1800: GSM/EDGE
    2100: 3G/HSDPA

    If you buy one without 2100 specified, for example, you have got in your hands a modem that cannot access 3G.


  38. @Yomi: Thanks for replying. I guessed as much. Let’s hope I can buy an unlocked one from one of the networks. You mentioned open market. Would you by any chance know of a reputable company here in Nigeria that sells USB modems?

    I’m trying to weigh my options before going all the way to having one sent to me from overseas.

    The last phone I used which was sent over gave me a lot of headache with the networks here.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  39. Hi All,

    For anyone interested here are the key features of the Etisalat usb modem:

    – HSDPA/UMTS 2100 MHz
    – EDGE/GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/850 MHz
    – HSDPA service data rate up to 3.6 Mbps
    – SMS service
    – Micro SD Card Slot
    – Plug and Play

    System Requirements:

    – Windows 2000 sp4, windows xp sp2, windows vista
    – Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 with latest upgrades
    – Display resolution 800×600 or above
    – Hardware system should meet the recommended requirements for the installed
    OS version
    – Standard USB interface

    **Modem installs with no hassles (tried on three separate machines)
    **have tried the modem in Lagos and Adamawa and connected via EDGE in
    both places.
    **so far browsing has been smooth and quite fast in comparison to Zain that I
    was using before this.
    **connection has been steady with no timeouts etc.

    hope this helps 🙂

  40. Hi Chukwudi,

    You’re welcome anytime 🙂

    yes I did try the ZAIN sim but I got a “enter unlock code for data sim” message I didn’t bother trying anything further (maybe someone else got it to work??)


  41. @Karmawa: Thanks for the feedback. MTN was priced @ 25,000 naira and I’m almost 100% sure that @ that price, it came unlocked but with the current price war/slashes, every network selling @ less than that amount will most definitely be locking their modems.

    I might just end up buying a Nokia or Sony 3G phone instead as I’m also shopping for an MP3 player, digital camera and usb modem. It would help me cut cost greatly as I could get all 3 features in one product.

    More update when I make my purchase. Thanks again.

    @Yomi: Since you’re the pro in mobile phones here, have you got any recommendations on a good cost-effective 3G phone from the stables of Nokia and Sony? Thanks sir!

  42. Chukwudi,

    You need to state your budget for me to be able to answer that question. Cost-effective for you may not be cost-effective for another person. The determining factor is each individual’s purchasing power.

  43. @Yomi: Sorry about that. My budget is pretty much 30,000 naira BUT could go as high as 40k if the features are simply amazing since I was budgeting 17k for a digital camera, 17k for 3G phone (Had Nokia 3120 in mind) and 8k max for an mp3/wma player.

    Most importantly the phone must be GPRS, EDGE & 3G enabled with a 3.5mm earphone jack and must have a good battery life for playing music.

    I’m already doing research using Slot Limited’s price list and GSM Arena. Yet to find the right phone. Considering the fact that I’m hunting for good camera quality, I might end up having to settle with Sony Ericsson as I’m not sure of Nokia’s capability when it comes to cameras. But then you’re the expert so let me know what you think.

    Thanks and do have a nice weekend.

    P.S: I’ve got my eyes on Nokia E51 but the 2.5 mm audio jack and 2MP camera is what is killing me. I’d rather have a phone with 3.5 mm audio jack as the earphones are a lot easier to replace.

  44. Sir,

    After much consideration, I think I’ll settle with the Nokia E63. My friend just placed an order for it using the GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS specification for Nigeria. Hopefully in 2 weeks time I’ll have my baby in my hands. 😉

    I’ll have to start saving again to get a digital camera. In the mean time, my mum is looking @ getting Glo’s 3g subscription. Any idea how much the modem costs and how fast the speed is?

    Thank you sir.

  45. Chukwudi,

    No; I don’t have cost details of Glo’s USB modem, but Glo 3G is fast and in my experience the most stable of the 3G services currently available in the country.

  46. I guess with the launch of GLO-1 and all that they ought to be the fastest. Anyway I was asking ab out the price cos on their site I saw 7,500 naira which in my opinion is too good to be true so I wanted some kind of confirmation from the guys here. I’d probably activate Etisalat on my new phone when it arrives and also get the Glo USB Modem for backup. MTN and Zain are still jerking themselves around.

  47. Hi Yomi, DXB all u guies.
    Kindly post the codes for activating Etisalat easy net on a regular sim.
    I’m fed up with zain as it regularly doesn’t connect to my lovely opera mini and some other applications.
    I just want to try out Etisalat for comparism and maybe stick to them.

    You have the best accessing speed in Bauchi state, because your service is only “Edge” here, but it has almost the same neck breaking speed as MTN’s 3G. you should work on bringing in your 3G service into the town fast, becos MTN’s 3G isnt covering upto 10% of the town yet.esp in areas like GRA, YELWA, TAFAWA BELEWA ESTATE, KARI ESTATE,ATBU, FED POLY.

  49. Trough my trial and error. I have being able to browse with Blackberry Bold 9000 using etisalat easynet on my laptop. It is super fast like any other modem or let me say better than Zain BB 1Gig browsing experience I don’t know whether Airtel is now faster than zain.

    To do it install Blackberry Desktop 6 on your laptop, subscribe to one month easy net by sending *229*2*1# on your BB. Connect your BB to the laptop Go to Tools on BB desktop and internet setting. Choose custom setting the access point is etisalat no user name and no password save and connect to intrenet through tools.

    It you have any challenges. Come back here and post so that other intelligent mind can help. Catch yaa

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