Etisalat introduces new Social and Email & IM Plans for Blackberry

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Etisalat Nigeria has introduced two new Social and Email & IM plans on Blackberry smartphones as advertised in today’s edition of The Punch newspaper. The plans “give you the option to customise your Etisalat plans to fit your lifestyle while paying less”.

etisalat social im

Social Plan

This gives you access to:

  • Social Networking Sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter)
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Google Talk
  • Blackberry Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • 100 free SMS on-net


  • Available only to pre-paid subscribers
  • No email access on this plan
  • No browsing on this plan

Opt in code
Monthly: *299*2# (N2,000)
Weekly: *299*2*1# (N700)
Daily: *299*2*2# (N200)

Email & IM Plan

Subscribers to this plan get:

  • Blackberry Mail (up to 10 accounts supported)
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Google Talk
  • Blackberry Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • 100 free SMS on-net
  • Features

  • Available only to pre-paid subscribers
  • No social network access on this plan
  • Email and IM access will be defined on the device side
  • No browsing on this plan

Opt in code

  • Monthly: *299*3# (N2,500)
  • Weekly: *299*3*1# (N800)
  • Daily: *299*3*2# (N300)


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  1. Well, those who use a BlackBerry smartphone solely for social networking would find these plans somewhat appealing but for the enterprise folks the -N-3,000 all inclusive package remains the best option.

  2. It is good that subscribers are being given lots of options.

    For instance,wifey was asking why the data bundle on her glo line does not have lower denominations. She is never eva able to consume the .’excessive (for her). 150Mb offered for N1000 by Glo. She hardly uses up to 30Mb monthly! Read a few newspapers and some magazines online – once In a while -and that is it!

    Can we have pro-rated data? Say 10Mb for N100 / 50Mb for N500?

    Allowing subscribers to choose fragments of services they truly need – is a good trend.


  3. One thing that is becoming apparent with all these multifarious call rates, data plans and BIS/BES rates is this.

    It is becoming progressively more difficult to keep track of them all.

    More so, some of these offers are often quietly retired and one is none the wiser (is the’ Joli’ plan still active- along with 2good – for AirTel , for instance?ValuMax / KoolMax nko?

    what about the ‘HomeZone’ thing on Glo. Had EsyLife/Cliq killedd them?

    It is quite confusing!

  4. Looks like they ran out of options and just decided to throw in something peradventure it may work.
    These are no options at all. The main comprehensive N3000 thing is still their only option.

  5. Na wa oh. Only God knows what is next.

    Come on, the main package that gives you everything is 3000. It does not worth it to save 1k/500naira and lose those stuffs.

    It cold have made a little sense if the cost was 1000naira as against 2k.

    Well, the world is big enough.

  6. obviously these networks are really confused.So much presure from each other to each other.See how mtn sank etisalat concerning their you and me option

  7. Definitely not my cup of tea!

    I’d prefer the whole lot. But there’s nothing better than choice. So perhaps some people may find this meager offering okay.

  8. As far as am concerned this is bullshit.It is not worth it at all.The BIS package is still the best.I am still waiting for the competition to get fiecer so that before the year ends all the networks wil be charging between #2000 & #2500.I find etisalat & Airtel data plans very repulsive to say the least.Its like they have left the data war to MTN & GLO.My colleague at work spends #1500 monthly in Europe for unlimited data plan.I wonder when we will get there in Nigeria hopefully very soon.

  9. ………this is no plan, Etisalat must have run out of plans, when a provide offer both plans and more for N2800 they are asking N2500 for no plan………they had better wake up.

  10. I don’t see any sense in this plan, honestly!

    A friend of mine pays £5 ƒör monthly BIS in europe, ??? here we are still being ripped ! Tseew!

  11. Pls may i know the Mg in the etisalat N1800 BIS social plan? I have not use it b4, i wants to know if it is unlimited or not.

    my regards

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