Etisalat is giving out free EasyBlaze data to subscribers

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Etisalat is dishing out data to subscribers to browse the internet.

Etisalat free data

I got an SMS notifying me of a reward of 500MB data to browse free with a 7-day validity. World Famous Lammy confirms that she got 700MB of free data, and a few other individuals have confirmed receiving 500 MB too.

If you have received an SMS notifying you of free data, do let us know. Happy browsing!

  1. I did get the message. must say I was pleasantly surprised. still wondering why? but who am I to question gift from big faceless corporations

  2. I got 500MB. I keep checking my data balance to be sure that is what my browsing sessions are utilising.

  3. I didn’t get the MTN one at first but after trying it out for the umpteenth time, I finally got mine this morning.

    I’m no Easy Blaze customer tho’…perhaps the EMTS free data is for existing subscribers, no?

  4. Yeh, ETISALAT is So Cool ????

    I initially got an SMS notifying me of free 200MB, few Minutes later I received another SMS of another 500MB! In total now, ETISALAT gave me 700MB with 7Days Validity!

    While MTN with the wide publicity of free 100MB and even with an SMS from MTN, still am unable to use the Data! I have called MTN Customer care twice, all I got is ” are sorry, we are presently having technical issue”!

  5. I got 100 mb. When I called customer care, I was told that its because they are celebrating the milestone of clocking over 20 million subscribers.

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