The Mobility team was invited to attend the official launch of Etisalat Nigeria’s broadband mobile internet service (branded Easyblaze) at the Lagos Oriental Hotel. Find

Etisalat launches Easyblaze HSPA+ mobile broadband internet

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The Mobility team was invited to attend the official launch of Etisalat Nigeria’s broadband mobile internet service (branded Easyblaze) at the Lagos Oriental Hotel.

2011 09 26 153
Find below some key information about Easyblaze.

10 Quick Facts about Easyblaze

  1. easyblaze is Etisalat’s high speed broadband internet service
  2. It operates on a 3.75G HSPA+ technology that can achive top speeds of up to 42Mbps
  3. HSPA+ means – High Speed Packet Access
  4. HSPA+ is the latest release of the 3G technology versions
  5. Etisalat is the only GSM operator in Nigeria to offer 3.75G HSPA+ broadband internet service.
  6. easyblaze enables Etisalat subscribers faster internet browising and downloads, video calling, live video streaming, interactive online games, live music streaming online and more.
  7. easyblaze is currently accessible in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Akwa, Nnewi, Warri, Kaduna, Kano, Zaria, Enugu, Onitsha, Aba, and Benin.
  8. easyblaze has several data plans including 200MB, 500MB, 1.5GB, Night & Weekend, 3G and 6GB.
  9. easyblaze is accessible using 3G enabled devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, USB modems, Routers and MiFis.

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There are a number of new features available with this service as follows:

  • Auto-renewal: Automatic renewal allows subscribers to purchase any of our data plans, as long as the subscriber has sufficient airtime credit in his account.
  • Data Roll-Over: This allows a subscriber to rollover unused MB of the current data plan provided a new data purchase can be made before the end of validity period of the unused or active data plan.
  • Product speed cap: Ability to apply cap on the speed per product and PAYG speed cap.
2011 09 26 147
The Huawei U8180 Codename "Gaga" is sleek, and costs only N20,000

Apparently, Etisalat Nigeria is in partnership with Huawei for terminal supply, as a list of Huawei devices were available, including the sexy, budget Android smartphone, the Huawei U8180 “Gaga” phone, and the E5 Mifi device for connecting up to 5 devices via Wifi.

2011 09 26 149
The Mifi also a Huawei product

Easyblaze is currently the fastest mobile broadband internet service in Nigeria.


  1. hope this is already functional oh. I’ve been waiting for etisalat to roll out their 3G network for quite sometime. I know it will be more reliable that others ‘cos their EDGE is the most reliable im my experience.

    @Yomi is there a difference between HSPA+ and HSDPA as offered by MTN and others?

  2. If it’s really fast as they claim, then that’s brilliant.

    I took a look at the tariffs on their website
    and I would I was less than impressed. The tariffs are not competitive and I dare say even more expensive in some cases. The only plan that seems to make sense is the night and weekend plans.

  3. Good they’re coming out with their 3G services but the pricing is a total disappointment. I guess I’m going to give their SIM a rest now that my Glo SIM has started browsing.

  4. I will be sticking to my glo for now. when they gather enough 3G spread @ decent Tariff, then I can check them out. thank God for Glo, which other network can give you 1gig/month/=N=1,250?

  5. Glo the only 3G in my area (Sapele), Glo has the only affordable data plan, Glo the only pocket friendly network. What more can I ask for? Glo, Glo, Glo all the way….

  6. I’m not impressed with their data plans pricing at all..and all the noise about the speed doesnt matter. Its real life performance that matters.. But Hey! The 20k android phone is not lookin bad at all. If they can market that well i think they will be successful with it..

  7. @belushi
    “thank God for glo, which other network can give 1gig/month for 1,250” pls xplain dis more. Am hearing dis for d 1st time. Pls tell us more, d name of d package and how to load it. Thanks.

  8. It is always so annoying when u have to wait for pages to load and for a very long time i was angry with the services and plans available by our ISPs, until I met SWIFT for my home internet.

    Now am shopping for internet on the go and Speed is extremely important, You dont want to spend 5hrs on something you should spend 30minutes.

    3.75G HSPA+ technology that can achive top speeds of up to 42Mbps is no joke and you should certainly expect to pay more.

    I am in. And its greatly welcome.

    Cant wait to see the actual download speed.

    Yomi, any review unit available.

  9. Bosun99k

    i agree wit you on the sentiment that the technology is far advanced than what other operators offer hence the higher charge. when i first saw the plans, i shared those sentiments but on a second thought. I realised its not all about the noise on the theoretical speeds..If they cant match MTN or Glo’s speed over a wide coverage area ppl will subscribe to other operator’s cheaper plans..

  10. I’m Tired of being conned by all these Nigerian ISPs offering ‘faster’ ‘broadband’ internet. Do they really know what broadband is? How can you offer broadband, then cap the data transfer limit at 6GB? if i had a real broadband connection, I would finish the 6GB within a few hours. It’s just the same old wine in a new bottle, as far as im concerned!

  11. That is a good news from etisalat, but the data plans seem to be on a high side. If they are to bring something competitive the price has to be comparable to the data plans of competing networks.

  12. They still have a long way to go. Most of lagos (my area inclusive) is not yet covered and the price for data plans is high. Guess they want to maintain quality, however most nigerians want cheap data not the type you pay double for and its gone with the wink of an eye.

  13. @kay123 & Andy, apologies for responding this late to your questions. I believe someone else has already pointed you to the answer. However, I will like to add that though the packages are meant for Nokia phones, I use it on my android and also on my laptop through the glo modem. I inserted my sim into a nokia N8, subscribed for the package and then place it back into my Android device. Its working perfectly with the gloflat settings.

  14. And now I can say something for Glo. Though their data connection is very erratic, especially the 3G connection, it is definitely very fast when it is working. I know that it can still be better, but as long as I have not seen any better alternative both in pricing, connection stability and bandwidth speed, I’m sticking with Glo for now.

    Right now, when I’m connected on the 3G network, I get connection speed between 320Kb/s to over 2Mb/s. I can say my average speed is around 650Kb/s and when I compare that to what I’m used to with GPRS/EDGE connections, I can say I have very little to complain about except for unstable connection, and when I say unstable connection, I mean very unstable connection.

  15. The speed is great cops I have better reception in my area ….but the price is still high….so I will still stick with my mtn free browsing for now ????? glo cheap bb plan 😀

  16. their speed is very high in my area but their price is still ridiculous …?? on my way back to my empty free browsing ????? glo cheap bb plan…..let the competition continues till I see a reliable network to stick permanently with :D.

  17. Another impressive offering from etisalat spoiled by pricey data plans. Currently, the average user would rather have an affordable 3G plan than a cut throat 3.75G HSPA+, no matter how blazing fast. Hopefully, Easyblaze would get cheaper over time as other networks launch their own 3.75G or even 4.0G networks, Etisalat, could we have a price review as well as budget 50mb and 100mb options please, Then you’d be talking!

  18. …………The speed is great cops I have better reception in my area ….but the price is still high

    @Gcfr…baba abeg no day make mouth jooooor…………..o.k tell us your location

  19. etisalat is known for their rewarding cheap tariffs but this is ridiculous. thumbs up to GLOBACOM for that.

  20. A bit more information would help those buying unlocked phones. What frequencies are they running on?

  21. What exactly is the download speed for easy blaze? And I mean actual not theoretical speed, these ISPs always say they have incredible speed but it’s never so when u actually try it. For now I think Glo is still the BOSS in both price and speed, at least I can b sure of actual dwnld speeds of 100 – 200 Kbps at it’s worst. Does anyone know the actual downloading speed of eazyblaze? Is it actually worth the sky high prices? Especially when downloading stuff like movies?

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