Etisalat Launches New Tariff Plan, Easyday

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Determined to continually provide its customers with the best value for money, Nigeria’s fastest growing and most innovative telecommunications company, Etisalat Nigeria has launched a new tariff plan. Known as Easyday, the new tariff plan enables subscribers on its EasyStarter and EasyCliq packages enjoy lower tariffs based on their daily spend.

Etisalat EasyDay

The Easyday tariff plan which is available to Etisalat’s existing and prospective subscribers is activated once the subscriber reaches a certain threshold, allowing customers on the package to get low tariffs to make all their national calls for the rest of the day. New subscribers can activate and enjoy the new tariff plan, by buying either an easycliq or easy starter line, and then opting-into the Easy day plan to get lower call tariffs daily. For existing subscribers using the easycliq or easystarter packages, all they need to do is simply migrate to the new tariff plan. New and existing subscribers can opt in by dialing *239*1#.

Explaining the tariff plan, Chief Commercial Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Mr. Wael Ammar said “This is a unique tariff plan based on regressive billing such that when you have used up to a particular amount in a day, your call cost per second is instantly lowered. Once you opt-in to easy day, your tariff drops first to 40k/sec to all networks. Once a subscriber then spends N50 in a day, either on calls, SMS or PAYG data, all subsequent calls will be charged at 20k/sec for the rest of the day ” he said.

Giving reasons for the new tariff plan, Ammar said it was the product of months of intensive consumer research. “As a customer-centric brand, we are always in tune with the desires of our customers, and will always go the extra mile to make sure that these desires are met,” he said.

According to him, the research showed that customers not only want to enjoy low but transparent tariffs on their calls. “They have constantly asked for a regressive format whereby a premium is charged on the very first minute, with subsequent minutes made cheaper. This is what we are giving them with our new tariff plan, Easy Day,” he added.


  1. Once a subscriber then spends N50 in a day, either on calls, SMS or PAYG data, all subsequent calls will be charged at 20k/sec for the rest of the day

    AirTel gives me 18k/sec already. and more.


    Not convinced this is so awe inspiring!

  2. I am calling at 18 kobo per second on Glo with a deduction of 5 Naira daily. So, this aint innovative enough. Etisalat, you can do more than this.

  3. They are still above reasonable competition rates.. Why should i spend 50 Naira per day when i can get cheaper deals elsewhere. Thats why my Etisalat sim has been dumped since glo started GBAM, MTN started smooth talk and Airtel started too good offer(s)

  4. Etisalat should be serious for once, I don’t think my Oga at the top there study mathematics. How can you ask people to pay ‘N50’ to enjoy call at 20k per sec. when they can actually pay N150 for a month and enjoy calls at 18k per sec.on all the networks Meanwhile my mtn number allow me to make calls at 4k per sec to their network though, most of the time on mtn zone.

  5. Sometimes, I think there is an evil witch at the top in some of these GSM networks. There is supposed to be competition between MTN and the rest, yet they act let they are the one with over 40 million subscribers.

  6. It does not make sense at all.
    I wonder why we can’t just have one network that can meet your data needs alongside reasonable tariffs. I have to shuttle between three networks just to get the best of them.


  7. The tariff does not make sense at all. I wonder what they think we are. Morons?

  8. I learnt that Mobile Number Potability Kicks-Off next monday (25/03/2013).
    I saw the Advert in Punch today. Hope its for real.

  9. I wonder who will opt-into this wicked triff plan…
    tell that daily access fee is N50…
    etisalat sticking with 20k shows that they are not serious…

  10. Well 3 days ago MTN change their policy on MTN zone. Most of the time the system won’t display your tariff as it was before now and you are bill 50k per second to their own network.

  11. Well, I hope the folks at etisalat are reading these comments. This plan is plain BS and Dead on arrival. Give us 10k/sec deal and will talk till then it’s MTN FAF / Airtels’ 2good reloaded for calls and of course our beloved etisalat for BIS because of … 😉

  12. For me, the product isn’t bad at all. It’s not like the N50 is deducted from your phone like in all their former tariffs, this time you make calls worth up to N50 and the tariff goes to 20k. We would like it to come lower sha, Etisalat bring it lower….like 10 or 15k sec.

  13. Etisalat is messed up joor, I changed to etisalat from Mtn, because of its bis plan of 1k,only for me to call 2.3mins for 100 naira. I then check my billing and realized it was 60k per second to all networks including my newly adopted line , jeeezzz!! In dis age where mtn is begging me with 20k… Even the 3g network is worse. Abeg, mtn is still d best, forget the drop calls, n sometimes bad networks

  14. etisalat is a big disgrace to nigeria,in the way they charge for tariff of call compare with other subscriber. etisalat if time is not taking will we send u back too where u come from you yeye network

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