Thanks to a heads-up from Abubakar Mahmud, we now have news that Etisalat has dropped its tariffs on pay-as-you-go browsing from 35 kobo per kb

Etisalat Pay-Go internet now 15 kobo per kb

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Thanks to a heads-up from Abubakar Mahmud, we now have news that Etisalat has dropped its tariffs on pay-as-you-go browsing from 35 kobo per kb to 15 kobo per kb. Screenshot from the Etisalat Mobile Internet page:

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  1. Yes, I also had a discussion with their customer care where i was informed. However the issue of data bundle is still restricted to their usb modem only. According to their rep., if you buy the Easy net sim @400.00 without the usb, yet you cannot have a data bundle. I wish they make data bundle available for all.

  2. I suspect that only REALLY occasional internet user will be making use of this option.

    The internet bundle offers of N1,000 /100 MegaBytes (30-day)access) by Zain & Etisalat translase to about 10kobo/10 KiloBytes compared to this 15kobo/ 1 KiloByte (a more than 10 fold gain).

    But then, we all know that buying in bulk is almost ALWAYS cheaper…

    Nice one, though. (The former 35kobo / 1 KiloByte by Eti-Salat was a real disincentive to use it.)
    Etisalat, now you are BROWSing !!!

  3. Actually, the USB Modem is a ploy by many companies to make money. ANY smartphone (and even some ‘dumbphones’) can function as a modem (because the modem is built in)!

    It is a matter of configuring your phone properly and having your connection software (e.g PC Suite for Nokias) & cable to commat to your computer.

    I think it is an unnecessary gadget for any smartphone user.

    You never ever have to buy a USB Modem!! Your phone will serve that purpose just fine!

  4. Jose,

    Actually, you can get a data bundle SIM without the USB modem. Insist that you already have a modem which you have tested successfully with another Etisalat SIM. I got a SIM without the modem that way.

  5. The easy net sim is same as as easy starter but it has been programmed for data access only, The only number that can be called on the line is d care line 200.
    This makes the phone restricted. It will be good if easy net service can be allowed on any regular Etisalat sim.

  6. pls Yom, what are the code to activate the etisalat bundles.The 100mb, 300mb and 3gb bundle? pls i need it .

  7. Harry,

    As far as I can tell, there are no codes for activating Etisalat’s bundles. You have to go to an Etisalat Experience Centre for activation.

  8. Please Yomi, What is the configuratin code for etisalat easy net. I mean the APN and others, so I can use on a Nokia phone. Please somebody help me out before I shout ooh.

  9. Raymond,

    The configuration settings are same as the standard ones:

    APN: etisalat
    Leave both the Username and password fields blank. No proxies. Of course, under ‘bearer settings’ or ‘data bearer’, select packet data.

  10. Pls, i need codes for the activation of ur internet plans : 100mb, 500mb and 3gb as soon as possible. Thanks.

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