Lagos, Nigeria; June 8, 2012: As a means to boost customer experience and interaction on the social network platforms, Nigeria’s most innovative and fastest growing

Etisalat Provides Unlimited Access on Facebook with New Bundles

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Lagos, Nigeria; June 8, 2012: As a means to boost customer experience and interaction on the social network platforms, Nigeria’s most innovative and fastest growing telecommunications company, Etisalat has introduced a new dimension through which customers can enjoy unlimited access on Facebook with its new Facebook Bundles and Facebook SMS service.

The new Facebook bundles allow customers to subscribe to a daily, weekly or monthly plan and based on the plan customer’s subscribe to; they can access Facebook for as long as they desire. The Facebook SMS service on the other hand, allows subscribers receive SMS notifications on posts to their Facebook pages as well as update their Facebook status via SMS.

Chief Commercial Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Wael Ammar, said that customers who subscribe to the Facebook bundles and SMS service will have a rewarding experience because of the convenience the services offer. “Facebook bundles and Facebook SMS provide convenient and affordable access to Facebook content in a very rich and engaging format. The services are unique because they are accessible to mobile phone users removing the barrier of needing a stationary PC to access Facebook,” he explained.

To launch this unique first-of-its-kind offer in Nigeria, Etisalat is giving its customers a 30 day free access to Facebook allowing them tag photos, chat, play games, share albums and more. At the end of the 30 day free trial, customers can subscribe to the daily bundle at N25/day; weekly bundle at N100/week and monthly at N200/month.

To subscribe to the Facebook Daily bundle; customers can send the letters ‘fbd’ to 229. For the Facebook Weekly bundle, customers can send ‘fbw’ to 229 and for the Facebook Monthly bundle they can send ‘fbm’ to 229. Upon subscription to any of the bundles, the Facebook application link is sent to the subscriber’s phone. The subscriber must click on the link to download and install the application for free. After a successful installation, subscriber can either login to an existing Facebook account or register for a new one and have access to Facebook throughout the duration for the chosen bundle. The Facebook bundle subscription is renewed automatically.

To enjoy the Facebook SMS service, customers need to subscribe by sending fb to 488 and upon subscription, an SMS notification containing a link and an activation code is received. By accessing the link, the service can be activated by providing the correct login details and inputting the activation code. Following successful activation, subscribers start receiving SMS notification update from facebook and can also update Facebook wall by sending SMS to a set of short codes at N10 per SMS.

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  1. I think it is good for some people, but maybe, they should have added email as well. At N200 for 30 days, that’s not bad at all. provided the app they are tying with their offering is not limiting in any way, it will meet some people’s need.

    We are always complaining that majority of people using BB devices only ping with their phones apart from calls and SMSs, and for people in this category using feature phones and other smartphones, this may just be good enough for them and I know a couple of people I will be coaxing into joining the Facebook bandwagon through this Etisalat offer.

  2. Lets thk Etisalat for d laudable effort.
    They should pls allow access to email account too.
    Moreover, wl d subscription work with facebook you open with Opera or any other browser or it will work with facebook application alone?

  3. It’s a stupid package bcos browsing is more than facebooking and that we’re no longer in the 20th century.

  4. Yeah!this parkage is one of a kind that other networks ain’t thought bout!But problem is… ain’t gonna tweet,eskim,browse nd download!plieas u guys should make these up!coz u’re the best.Thanks!!!

  5. I think it’s a nice ideal,becos it wil enable many youth to earn acces to fb witout spendin toomuch,welldone eltisalat.

  6. Etisalat is doing a great help to facebook users like me, especially, students who are always experiencing shortage of money. Now, we can stay connected all time with the new free unlimited facebook browsing from ETISALAT 9ja, new bundle. May Almighty Allah live long Etisalat, ameen!

  7. dis is noscenes packages how do they think that we are going be sleep on facebook along, i do not enjoy use facebook mobile beco i hate it so much. We also have some other emails. Yahoomail,twitter,netlog, and so on. So i can not wast my time on that take it off.

  8. I am shocked that somebody who calls himself a techie or a nerd called this innovative idea for african youths stupid.What a techie indeed!

  9. @jujukemist, you’ll grow up! Then, when you compare what’s obtainable elsewhere to what we ‘re offered here you’ll understand my stance.

  10. Does anyone blame the networks for the fb hype? The average Nigerian is a fb freak. They’ve done their homework very well.
    BBhas become a fad in this country mainly because of social networking including fb.
    FB is becoming another craze likwe the Euroean League all of which keeps dehumanising Nigerians in our attitude to them.

  11. this sounds nice but then so does flying like superman. This plan doesn’t really add up. Facebook has lost it’s novelty, maybe adding up twitter to the mix would do it for a ton of ppl

  12. its a good development i must say. U guyz are really doing well unlike evry other network. But one thing u guyz need to understand is WE dnt facebook alone on the internet there are Many other packages we run.

  13. well the package is kinda impressive for the facebook fans / *addicts* . but the browser is limited only to facebook . meaning- java users would be stuck to jst one thing on d app . better for s60 dat could minimie d app nd surf other sites . my overall review is – the app for now is okay but a version 2 shuld be released with the above features. . thats all ive got to say . lorDvest~TM~

  14. yeah definitively adding twitter will fire up this innovation.
    A so called techie who does not know that every country has a different mobile terrain is the one that needs to grow up-obviously

  15. why do you need to do a background check on me,if indeed you are truely a techie-foolish use of a tag you know nothing about.why dont you ask Mr mobility @afewgoodmen @deoladoctor etal I have never been could also check Tell magazine page 18,july 29th edition 2002.

  16. Oh i get your point,if facelessness means the lack of my birth name and or my picture?just ask you and it shall be given to you

  17. Dude, let’s not fight over nothing! You called me a ‘Techie’, that I am. However, initially I only said a ‘Tech Nerd’. Now, any difference in your dictionary? And don’t tell me you’re still using the old Oxford Dic. 😀

  18. please guys let’s remain on point here and attack the topic and not the commentor.

  19. the English cant use their dictionary to define what we use on the field.whatever you define yourself,never forget to think, analyse and postulate broad spectrum (ly) and Objectively.
    oh by the way, a tech nerd by rank should know more than a techie.
    Cease Fire!

  20. listen to this whack service provider. Instead of embracing zero facebook so they can have all and sundry on their network they are still talking about subscription. Well in case you never knew, facebook has gone zero. Meaning is free to browse without data charges.

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