Etisalat quickly launches Netflix streaming data plan

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Just yesterday, Netflix announced the availability of their movie streaming services in Nigeria and several other countries. The news was received with mixed reactions, considering the state of internet services in Nigeria. Major mobile network operator, Etisalat have smartly introduced a video streaming package for those that would love to use this service. See their tweet earlier today:

The Netflix data plan allows you stream videos for 2 straight hours for just N400. To activate the package, Dial*229*3*5# and you’re in. The company smartly introduced this plan while Nigerians are still deliberating. Would you try out this service?


  1. Nothing new About the service, it is just a rebranded video pack, the issue is I tried it 3 times and it didn’t work.

  2. I think this is the same as the already available video pak plan. May be wrong though.

  3. It’s a rehashed video pack plan and at #400 to stream ONE movie,there’s certainly nothing enticing about it..

  4. my thoughts exactly, might as well go to the cinema. MTN tweeted about the 2,500 3 + 1.5 GB plan being suitable for Netflix and i was laughing, even on the lowest quality/resolution setting 4.5 GB will stream only seven 2 HR movies. not to talk about HD. as a rule (of thumb) mobile data plans are not for video streaming, this is where ISPs come in, WiFi connection to do the heavy lifting at home/work, mobile data OTG

  5. Netflix and chill? seriously, Etisalat? As for the plan though, It could be likened to just buying the movie…scratch that….renting the movie. They should have a plan that would let me stream for a month at a fixed price. Oh, is netflix still coming with their own subscription plans? And here I was getting jealous of the Americans… Oh well…

  6. I still don’t understand etisalat video pak, you are given 2hours and 10mb to open the site to stream. Funnily the next thing you see after less than 10mins is webpage not available. So what’s the 2hours for? A beg make them keep quiet.

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