Etisalat versus Globacom: Mobile Internet Speed Comparison

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I happened to have connections from both Glo and Etisalat with me last Thursday morning and I used the opportunity to run quick speed tests. The tests were run between 9.30am and 9.40am. The results were interesting:


  • Both connections maxed out at 7.47 Mbps, which is oddly far below expectation, considering that at least Etisalat claims a top speed of 42 Mbps.
  • Glo delivered over 270% the speed that Etisalat did, beating them hands down. That’s 3.34 Mbps to 1.22 Mbps respectively. Another surprise.

I used the Speed Tester app for BlackBerry 10 for the tests. If you notice the dark column at the top left corner of both screenshots, I set the maximum speed offered by both operators to 57 Mbps, as the Z30 is rated HSPA+.

As always, my disclaimer about location stands. You will likely get different results from the above depending on where you are, and what time of the day you use the services.

About data rate units in this test: megabit per second = Mbps = Mbit/s = Mb/s


  1. both operators give highest throughput easily, but I’ve found Etisalat to be more reliable in terms of accessibility (network connect attempts) and also latency. like Mr mo said, the location matters (how close you are to a base station belonging to either operator) and how many users are on the hspa network as it is designed to schedule resources between users based on individual radio conditions. I’ll say Eti pips Glo as d better data service provider based on my general experiences across Lagos.

  2. I agree completely with Sadiq. I use both networks for data. Etisalat is much more reliable than Glo. I only wish Etisalat can allow data sharing the way Glo does it.

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