Even If You Stop The Music…

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It is no news that I dance. I don’t just dance; I have dance on the inside of me and so cannot help but dance. I suspect that it is a genetic thing passed on to me by my mom who is a champion on the dance floor. Legend has it that as a young girl, mom would dance whether there was music or not. She danced on the way to school and on the way back. At church, mom would dance. Till today, in her old age, she is still quite the stepper on the dance floor. Oh, and mom and I on the dance floor – an unbeatable combination.

I dance not because I do not have problems. I dance not because the sky is always blue. I dance not because my bones are always strong. I dance not because I have millions stashed somewhere. I dance because life is short and there is no music or dance in the grave. I dance because I can paint my sky any colour I want – blue, green, or red. I dance because it is good exercise for my body. I dance because it is exhilarating. It is my element. Dance is in me. When I get on the floor, there’s almost no stopping me, even when tissue and bone cry for a break. From head to toe, my body sings, “Please don’t top the music!”

But even if you stop the music, I shall just go right ahead and keep dancing. Who says I can’t make my own music?


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