Kim K tweeted about speaking at Recode’s tech conference earlier today: Speaking at Recode’s Code Mobile tech conference in San Fran with karaswisher —

Even Kim Kardashian still uses a BlackBery Bold

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Kim K tweeted about speaking at Recode’s tech conference earlier today:

At the conference, apparently she had a few things to say about her love for BlackBerry, but specifically for legacy BlackBerry. She is one of numerous BlackBerry loyalists who have refused to migrate to BB10. She still uses her Bold 9900/9930. Not that she doesn’t own a BB10 smartphone. She actually owns a Passport but is reported to have said she hasn’t opened it. By the way, she has a desire to buy BlackBerry. And to think that the company was looking for a buyer recently.

Who buys a smartphone like the Blackberry Passport and ignores it? Meanwhile, are you still wondering that Kim k appeared at a tech conference? Actually, she gave an onstage interview on “Social Media, Mobile Games and Her Polarizing Fame”.

PS: Did you also know that she has a mobile game, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”? It is a free iOS game developed by Glu Mobile.

Meanwhile, what is it that holds people down from upgrading from legacy BlackBerry to BB10? It has to be data compression or sentimental love. I don’t see what else could be responsible.


  1. It probably took her an extremely long time to learn how to use the 9900. She may not possess the mental faculty to facilitate the learning curve for the almighty passport.

  2. For Kim, it’s definitely not data compression. It must be the problem of learning how to use a new version of the operating system.

  3. Her game is also available on Android and Mac. Kim K uses numerous phones, she uses the Blackberry more on twitter but uses an iPhone on Instagram.

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