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Everyone has heard about how police officers often harass drivers and commuters on the road. This is unlawful, and you have to report to the authorities if you fall victim to this. But you would need to produce evidence of the harassment incident before you can get justice. However, you cannot just whip out your phone and start recording; most likely it will get smashed. But if you use an evidence collection app to record the incident, you can always get your recording back, no matter what happens to your phone.

An evidence collection app can record audio, video and location data and upload these data to a secure server. The recordings will continue even if your screen is turned off. The apps will also not make a sound when you begin recording, unlike other methods of recording. Some will upload the data in realtime, so that even if you lose your phone, your recordings can always be retrieved for use.

Mobile Witness - Evidence collection app

An evidence collection app has the potential to be really useful in multiple scenarios. It is not useful only in cases where you have an issue with the police; if you have issues with anyone that might end up in court, you can use such an app to get evidence. If you witness something else unlawful being perpetuated, you can use the app too.

Examples of Evidence Collection Apps

There are several evidence collection apps available for you to pick from. Here are some of them:

  • Mobile Witness
  • Hidden Spy
  • Witness

It is best practice to have your evidence collection app installed already and located on your homescreen for easy access. If your smartphone has a smart shortcut button, you can also assign the button to the app. Also, remember to hold your phone in a discrete way. You do not want to attract undue attention to yourself. Mobile technology has made it easier for citizens to report unlawful acts, including harassment by agents of the state. So, whenever you face such harassment or see something unlawful happening, you can collect evidence and share with the appropriate authorities.


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