You know that there is a God in heaven who answers prayers. Some ex-Nokia staff who were part of the team that gave us the

Ex-Nokia staff found company to make MeeGo smartphones

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MeeGo from Jolla

You know that there is a God in heaven who answers prayers. Some ex-Nokia staff who were part of the team that gave us the iconic N9 have formed a company in Finland, named Jolla Ltd, and the company will be producing smartphones based on the MeeGo operating system.

According to news report, Jolla will practically pick up the effort right from the point where Nokia left off. That makes sense. MeeGo is open source and free, so basically anyone can take the OS and build on it.

Oh, pure ecstacy! Oh, happy day!!

Even if all we can get from Jolla is one MeeGo smartphone per year – just like Apple does with the iPhone, that’s good enough for me.

N9 and MeeGo fans, rejoice!!!!!! Long live MeeGo!


  1. Indeed God answers prayers. This goes to reaffirm my position that Elop is the Antichrist of anything Nokia. Well done Jolla

  2. thats good news,it seems its Elop that got it all wrong by abandoning MeeGo,now the ex-staff who was among the team that built N9 is trying not to make his effort wasted by starting a new company that would continue the MeeGo OS…..nice one

    MR Mo…cheers!

  3. After reading the comments by Sotiris Makrygiannis, I figured that somehow MeeGo wouldn’t totally disappear, but I didn’t think they were going to be ready this quickly!

    I really hope this venture goes well and isn’t another Handspring.

  4. Good news. I once had a very brief time with the N9 (Mr Mo’s unit actually). I cant imagine anyone throwing that beautiful OS away. It is so buttery smooth. Nokia would have won my likes if they adopted that OS.

  5. I know you have a great love for N9, but why? How is it better than an iPhone (my choice) or BB (yours)?

  6. Wayan,

    MeeGo’s UI is better and more functional than that of iOS. MeeGo OS has every advantage that iOS has over BlackBerry except for number of apps, but none of iOS’ weaknesses or shortcomings.

    That pretty much sums it up.

  7. I might be the only one who is pessmtic about this development, meego phones from an upstart such as jolla might not get the media or network attention a large corporation would get or even app developer support and I don’t really see future devices selling more than 100,000 a year and that’s me being generous with the numbers.

    But all the same I wish them luck with their endeavour

  8. I once read that symbian was sold to a company that was was allegedly supposed to continue developing symbi, but we can see any fruits…,
    i don’t think it will workout, it would av been better if they developed Sony-Ericsn-like s40 phones. With ios, android bb touch nd other touch OSes around, don’t you think the currently promising mobile avenue with little competition would be s40??

  9. @ motorola c113, I would hope that Jolla is looking to deplete and replace the s40 market and not gun for the “big boys” – the latter is a battle I can’t see them winning.

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