“Excel In Bed” – Sounds so sexual

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But it’s not what you think at all….
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This is an ad featuring the Nokia Lumia 925 – the sexiest Windows Phone alive, and one of the sexiest smartphones on the planet. So, it fits. But the real deal is this: that the Windows Phone platform is finally getting in the face of consumers with what it can do.

Windows Phone has the best Office documents suite on any platform. It is a catchy ad – the type that Microsoft and Nokia should put out more of.



  1. // Windows Phone has the best Office documents suite on any platform/

    Whoever said that should take a look at Kingsodt Office…on Android…

    He would either have an epiphany, or an embolism..

  2. eye bee Kay, there are some functions/features in Microsoft Excel that I have not seen in any other office application. And I’m yet to see any feature available in the others that’s not available in Microsoft Excel. Yes, Kingsoft office is quite good, even the latest update of documents to go (premium version) is also quite good, but they’re yet to attain the functionalities of Excel. I use excel as my yardstick because that’s the one I use most often. In fact this has been my dilemma between getting a new galaxy note or going for a Microsoft surface pro 2

  3. I think the “Excel in bed” thing was a deliberate double-entendre. I didn’t get it until I saw the pic – it all makes sense!

  4. @Austine, I hope you understand Eye.Bee.Kay is referring to KingSoft Office on Android against Microsoft Office on their mobile platform, Windows Phone which this article is talking about? I’ve played with that Microsoft Office on their Windows Phone devices and There just is no way it can begin to compete with KingSoft Office on Android and iOS. These are full featured office packages that can rival those on desktop, while the Office on Windows Phone is designed to allow you do very basic things on Windows Phone devices, mainly viewing Microsoft Office files and do minimal editing. You need to see it to understand what Eye.Bee.Kay talking about.

    You are right to say that KingSoft Office may be lacking some features of the full Microsoft Office package on their desktop because Microsoft Office is the standard you have to emulate but I’m not sure the Office package on desktop has PDF file conversion integrated without buying additional packages/plugins but this is fully implemented even on the mobile version of KingSoft Office. It also reads PDF file like most other Office apps on Android.

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