Some days ago, we reported that Infinix was planning to launch a new device – their sixth one this year. Nicknamed the #InfinixBig6, this one is supposed…

Exclusive!! First images and specs of the upcoming Infinix Hot Note 2

Some days ago, we reported that Infinix was planning to launch a new device – their sixth one this year. Nicknamed the #InfinixBig6, this one is supposed to be an upgrade to the Infinix Hot Note series, and it’s called the Infinix Hot Note 2. I hereby present to you the first leaked images of this phone.


Infinix-Hot-Note-2 a

So far so good, the phone looks good. From what we can see, the bezels on the sides are very thin, and the size seems very compact. Many thanks to our source that sent this to us 😉 Below are the specs so far:


  • 6 inches screen.
  • 4040 mAh battery with fast charging.
  • 2 GB RAM with 16 GB internal memory.
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop.

It’s advisable to take all these with a pinch of salt. After all, specs and other details are subject to change before the official release slated for 27th of this month. Meanwhile, what do you think of this phone?

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  1. At first sight, it looked to me like smartphone made by HTC.

    The device specifications are really impressive (take that with a pinch of salt)

    Hopefully, it doesn’t go above 35k.

    Nice job infinix.

  2. Avaunt their Satan. I shall not be tempted

    I have already made a covenant to stick to my old Tecno Phantom AIII until 2017.

    On this commitment I stand .

  3. The way infinix churns out phones, they should have a trade-in/upgrade plan in place oh

  4. The phone is not looking bad at all but why 6 inches,seems a little too bit on the big size for mass appeal..

  5. I think with this occasional ‘can’t connect to camera’ language my h6 has learnt to speak, I might be getting this one soon.

    Hopefully its price won’t be outrageous.

  6. I guess anything from ‘6 inch’ is a phablet. Just wondering how this will appeal to the students population that seems to constitute the majority of Infinix fans.

    Beautiful specs though. Might start saving

  7. 6 inch is way too big for me . Infinix should have made it a 5.5 inch like the phantom 5 .The specs looks so similar to the Hot Note pro ,I may be wrong though

  8. With a 6inch screen at 720p resolution that’s going to stretch rather thin on the PPI level,though a few visible pixels at the price point is allowed..

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