Exit Mobilista; Enter House of Mo, the first tech reality series in Nigeria & Africa

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House Of Mo

Many months ago, I started the fictional series, Mobilista. Many of our readers loved it. Many new readers showed up because of it. However, Mobilista has run its course and has now been rested. It is now replaced with my new reality series, House Of Mo, starting from today. What is House Of Mo about?

Those who have followed my adventures in mobile since the early 2000s know how I have used scores of mobile devices year after year. That is a heritage that is largely unmatched and that I am proud of. It has also been a very exciting adventure that I am still very much into. If you have ever wondered what it is like living with Mister Mo, here you are.

The series presents living with Mo from the eyes of his many mobile devices. Those devices have shared my days and nights, my work, my play, my journeys, my relationships and even some of my fantasies more than ANY human has. House Of Mo features current events and flashbacks over 10 years and over 88 mobiles in the life of Mo!! I will try to publish this daily, though I may miss one or two days when my workload is heavy (or I need to rest).

Here I must add that this reality series was inspired by the writing of Abigail Anaba while we discussed an edition of her BB’s Journal Series that she contributes to TechSuplex. Thanks, Abigail!

Welcome to the first tech reality series in Nigeria and Africa, House Of Mo. Stick around. The excitement has just began to happen. Follow House Of Mo here. The first edition is here.


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