Expect more products from us, says BlackBerry CEO

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Following the launch of the BlackBerry Priv, CEO John Chen has revealed that the company is not resting it’s sails yet. In an interview with Fox Business, he confirmed BlackBerry has ‘a range of products after this,’ (i.e after the launch of the Priv). Though he didn’t say whether it will be BlackBerry 10 devices or Android devices.


Chen also stressed that he will let the market decide what next he will do. This means that sales of the Priv will play a huge role, deciding if they can continue making phones or not. Below is the clip of the interview with Fox Business.


  1. The way Mr Chen holds these phones, I sometimes wonder if he uses a Blackberry. All very awkward.

  2. Wishing Blackberry the best but unfortunately most Android OEMs ain’t exactly smiling to the bank..

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