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Yaan is a FREE and exciting location-based instant messenger application developed by Magana Media, a Nigerian company to help bridge the growing technological gap between Africa and the rest of the world. Yaan is optimised for the African market as it provides us with our very own way to connect. Yaan allows you to exchange unlimited FREE text, voice, and picture messages with friends.

Easily explore, discover, socialise, and connect with people outside of your usual network of friends. Explore and communicate, any time, anywhere, with people nearby, as well as groups nearby. Whether you are in a club, school, church, or mosque, Yaan will help you engage and connect with like-minded people in these circles.

Yaan is currently available for only iOS devices. Other platforms will be supported soon.

Download Yaan from the Apple App store for FREE now.

PS: Yaan works with your phones’ existing data plan or any available WiFi connections.


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  1. “Yaan is currently available for only iOS devices. Other platforms will be supported soon.”

    ………… A very good place to start I can see everybody around here and all over Africa with iPhone and Ipad.

  2. “Yaan is optimised for the African market.. ”
    “… Yaan is currently available for only iOS devices.”

    These guys sure know their market.

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