Extra Juice for the road with Vantium Power Capsule

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Vantium Power Capsule

We live in an age of turbo-charged mobile devices. Huge touchscreen displays, always-on connectivity and social networking put together mean that many times your mobile’s battery is dead by mid-day if you barely put your device down.

The Vantium PC-5200 is a portable, rechargeable battery that can deliver that extra juice you need when your phone’s battery runs out. The capsule has five LED indicators to show its real time capacity, with each LED representing 20% of its built-in capacity.

With a capacity of 5200 mAh, it is theoretically capable of delivering almost three full charges to a 1800 mAh battery, but that is assuming that your phone is off and so not experiencing any battery drain in the process. In reality, of course, my phone is on and in use when I plug in the power capsule. I get between one hour and two hours of extra operational time if I am using the phone while plugged in.

Vantium Power Capsule and accessories

The manufacturers say that the Vantium Power Capsule is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry,Samsung, etc. Basically, it should work for any mobile device that supports microUSB charging. I have tried it out with a number of devices, including Nokia, BlackBerry, and HTC smartphones without any issues. Power input is rated at 5 volts 1000 mAh, and output at 5.3 volts 1000 mAh.

Torchlight Too
There is also an LED light that serves as a torchlight. A thoughtful addition, should you also happen to be stranded in the middle of nowhere at night.

If you are often on the road and likely to run out of juice, you should get a Vantium Power Capsule.


  1. Products like this are truly useful.

    With abundant sunlight in this part of the world, it is truly surprising that a portable SOLAR charger was only recently launched by a known brand..

    should sell like hot cakes..

  2. I have one of that and I must confess, its been very helpful. I’m never afraid to play music all day on my blackberry. Interestingly, it works with my blackberry playbook too. I bought it on @dealdey at 50% discount like five months ago for N5000. Its available at affordables in Ikeja for N10,000 now.

  3. At the very least pricing information should be part of the article, if not where it can be gotten.

    I know you can’t argue with free but mobility has changed. No more state of the mobile web, no more comparison of the different networks’ voice and data plans. Even with the extra hands on deck?

    Currently researching which modem to get and all I can rely on is hearsay on nairaland. #sigh#

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