EyeEm Selects helps you sort through your old plotos easily

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When your smartphone begins to run out of space, it is time to start deleting some of your old photos. However, you might not want to delete all of them, and in fact some of them might be too good to lose. Photo app EyeEm has a new feature, called EyeEm Selects, which picks out your best photos so you don’t delete them. This feature is also useful for sorting out photos you might want to put on social media.

EyeEm is mostly a place where photographers sell their photos. However, EyeEm Selects would be quite useful for people that take lots of pictures. Currently, EyeEm selects is only available for Android users. However, the company behind the app plans to add the feature to iPhone apps in the near future. Already, EyeEm has created a similar app on iOS, called The Roll, which ranks your photos and adds keywords to them so you can search for your photos more easily. The app has been discontinued in the United States, but many of its features are still available on EyeEm Selects.EyeEm Selects

Well, this feature is not exactly new. Google Photos has a similar feature. There is also an app called gallery Doctor that identifies bad or duplicate photos. However, it promises to be a more helpful solution to the problem of too many photos than either of the two above.

EyeEm has a collection of photos posted with EyeEm Selects. In the album, there are some nice-looking photos of landscapes, and there are some low-quality selfies. Also, there is a photo of eggs with a Bible quote attached. So, it looks simple enough. It is not quite foolproof, but it does let you revisit old photos which you might have forgotten about. Also it is a helpful tool for those times when you don’t have the time or energy to sort through your old photos.

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