Face Match for Google Assistant will add a new dimension to your interactions with your smartphone. What is it and what can it do? As

Introducing Face Match for Google Assistant: Here’s what we know about it

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Face Match for Google Assistant will add a new dimension to your interactions with your smartphone. What is it and what can it do?

As front-facing cameras on smartphones have become more powerful and reliable, developers are putting them to better use. Facial recognition is one of those uses.

Face Recognition Comes To Google Assistant

There is a high tendency that Google will introduce a face authentication system on Assistant to work together with the Voice Match. Lines of code in the latest beta version of the Google App gave us evidence of a new feature called “Face Match.”

Face Match for Google Assistant

We believe this new feature will perform the same function as Apple’s Face ID does on the iPhone. In addition, it will help Google Assistant to understand the person speaking to it and give personalised response to commands and questions.

Though there is no in-depth specification available yet for this new feature, its name alone gives us a clue on what to expect from it.

Initially, the XDA Developers website found out a clue to the Face-ID system in a leaked version of the proposed Android Q Operating System which will be out in some months.

This does not literally mean that the Google Pixel 4 will have its own Face-ID system. But it does give a certainty that Face Match for Google Assistant will be made available for all smartphones from other companies like Samsung, LG, Huawei, and other companies whose smartphones are powered by the Android OS.

nokia 8110 4g google assistant

How Face Match for Google Assistant Will Work

The leaked codes from the latest Google App beta makes us believe that its usage won’t be limited to only one face per device, but users will actually be able to use the same face for multiple devices, and Assistance will be able to recognize able all of them.

It is also very possible that the system will allow different people to use Face Match for Google Assistant in the same Google Account.

Obviously, to use this feature, you will need a camera-enabled device. This shows that about all phones or tablets powered by the Android OS will be able to use it. Although, it can not be used on the Google Home Hub because that device has no camera.

There’s a tendency that because of this development, a camera will be installed in the next version of Google’s Home Hub. Having no camera has been largely seen as a good thing, privacy-wise. This is because, without a camera, users have one less thing to worry about their privacy if there is any security issue.

Face Match for Google Assistant might even work in Android Auto. A face scanning system will be used to identify you once you get into the driver’s seat. It will then adjust the settings of the vehicle accordingly.

Another thing we believe is possible is its ability to assist a system in giving personalised information. An example is showing the calendar to its users who are not able to speak, but only communicate with the movement of their mouth and gestures.

Google Assistant face recognition

We do not actually know when Face Match for Google Assistant will be available, or even if Google will make it available to the public. This is because the feature has most likely been in the making for quite sometime now.

But we believe this is a logical step taken by Google. Given the success of Apple with Face ID, in conjunction with the feature that allows Google Assistant recognize different users by their voice.

I personally believe adding this feature to Assistant will be very amazing, despite the security concerns it will raise.

What are your views on Face Match for Google Assistant? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Tis nice as it’s in Google assistant and not android Q something… Hope it Will be able to override lock screen so that phones without follow come face unlock can enjoy it.. can’t wait

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