Facebook extends search to include your posts too

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Before now, when you search for anything on the Facebook search box, results displayed are mostly of people and Pages. That has changed now. Henceforth, any thing you search for not only shows people and pages, but also news items, text and every other thing related to the entered text.facebook-searchThe new results will first show highlighted posts from trusted news sources, followed by people in your network, then lists of the most popular links or quotes about the topic, and then strangers. This would be very similar to how Twitter Search works.

The news search will give people access to big news stories and live events, and also to discover more content.



  1. Perhaps Facebook would one day also be a proper search engine like Google or Bing.

    With the number of people using Facebook, this is a natural progression.

  2. It seems a natural progression to how Facebook as a social network would evolve ,a little borrowing from rivals to improve on an already great experience is to be expected..

  3. does this bypass the privacy firewall settings? for example, if I set my display settings so that only my friends can view my posts, would someone who isn’t a friend see my posts in their search results?

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