Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile is a mixed bag

Posted by Mister Mobility

Finally, Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile is available and replaces the older app for Windows Phone 8 OS. If you own a Windows 10 smartphone, launching the old Facebook app will get you a prompt asking you to uninstall the app and install the new Windows 10 app.

While Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile is not as fluid as I would love it to be, it scores high in terms of arrangement of menu items. Most of the main menu items that are traditionally placed at the top of the screen on desktop and in other mobile platforms is placed smartly at the bottom of the display. This means they are easier to reach and more convenient to use with one hand.

This bottom of the screen arrangement of main menu items is key to the design language of Windows Phone and Windows Mobile and it is good to see it retained in Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile. In recent times, Microsoft has departed from it in some of their own apps, including Skype (Preview). Which is odd. The arrangement works well for Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, Cortana, Facebook, Edge browser, and tons of other apps.

Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile also lets down

Where Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile lets down is that it is not as fluid as its Android counterpart. Scrolling though is noticeably slower. I wonder if it is the app or this is about the OS itself. I am leaning more towards the app. For example, Windows 10 Mobile’s Edge browser feels just as fast and fluid as Android’s Chrome.

It is likely that the Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile still needs some refinement. Other Windows 10 Mobile apps like Twitter, Skype and Instagram feel sexy and fluid in use. Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile needs some of that butter spread. Oh, plus it beats me why the app is over 100MB in size. Really, guys? 100MB?

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