• Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Messenger ads are coming to your smartphone soon

This is 2017 and no matter where you turn, ads are going to follow you. Whether you like them or not, ads are here to stay – at least till user behaviour changes. Facebook has been testing Messenger ads for a while in a few locations and now the company says the ads are going global.

I can hear millions of Messenger users groaning in pain. When I got the news, my stomach turned too. But seeing as I am not paying for the service and it has to pay for itself some way or the other, what to do?

Already, there is a lot of griping about the ads. Tech bloggers, Messenger users, and many others are riling at the intrusion that ads will add to the Messenger user experience. The rants will soon reach a crescendo and likely drop to a faint hum somewhere along the line.

Facebook Messenger ads

Personally, I have told my stomach to quiet down and get with the programme. We got ourselves in this fix. More accurately, our love for free got us in this fix. As long as we are unwilling or unable to pay for certain services, we must deal with ads. The services have got to pay their own operational costs somehow after all.

So, whenever Facebook Messenger ads go live at your end, just smile and remind yourself that it is a small price to pay for free usage of a global communications service. One day, it might be a galactic service too. I mean, when humans do get to Mars and elsewhere known and unknown, surely, they deserve to message friends and family around the galaxy from there too.


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