Facebook messenger becomes the third non-Google app to surpass 500 million downloads on Play Store

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500 million

Due to the decision to separate Facebook messenger from the main Facebook app and make it a separate app on the Google Play Store, Facebook messenger has become the highest downloaded app within the past few weeks.

The app which is currently receiving massive downloads but has a poor rating and negative reviews is now the third most download non Google app on the Play Store. The other two apps are Facebook and WhatsApp which are also owned by Facebook.

Facebook which recently made the decision to make the messenger app separate from the main app thus making people to forcefully download the app is now planning to monetize it.

The recent download stats just shows how much people still make use of Facebook.


Source: Apprtize

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  1. Facebook Has Got What Matters Most In Business Success.A Monopolistic Market Comprising Of A Mammoth Customer Base.

    Periodically, And Perpetually Looking For Ways To Improve Their Bottom Line, Based On That Captive Customer Base Is What They Need To Do.

    Facebook Offers A Service That Most Humans Find Essential, And Luckily For Facebook, There Is Really No Service(Yet) That Does Exactly What It Does.

    So, Yes, People Can Grumble… But They Would Still Embrace Whatever Facebook Throws Their Way (Until A Competitor Springs Up Some Day.Some Hope)..

    By The Way, I Wonder…

    Facebook Already Has The Biggest Im Service. So, Why The Need For This Duplicated Move?

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