Facebook Messenger to feature new video chat effects

Posted by EmmyCN

A lot of people hardly make phone calls anymore. Ironically, however, some of these people now look for other ways to talk to people apart from text. The result is that lots of people now prefer making video calls. Right now there are lots of services that offer video calling. Right now, Facebook Messenger is one of the popular platforms that do that. Facebook Messenger has evolved over the years. Now, the platform has a new feature: effects and filters. Not that this is a new thing; of course, other sites have had this feature for ages. Now, Facebook messenger has video chat effects and filters, and users will be greatly pleased.

One of the new features of the video chat effects is animations based on reaction emojis. This was a feature that Facebook introduced a while ago. Users will be able to select one of the emojis representing anger, sadness, love, surprise, laughter and have the emoji animated on the screen while they talk. Furthermore, the effect will change depending on if your face is actually in the shot or not.

Along with the new video chat effects, there are filters to choose from too. these filters feature a live preview, so you can apply it to your video chat on just your end before it goes live. There are several options, like subtle changes and lighting changes, and other options that can change the screen to a particular color, like red or yellow.

Facebook is also including Masks, which is a feature the company has released a while ago.  Some masks have hidden effects, like reacting to facial movements. There are also animated effects like falling hearts and twinkling stars to give video chats an expressive flair. Unlike reactions, masks stay on the screen for the duration of the video chat, or until you take them off and switch to a different one. These features will be rolled out onto Facebook Messenger in the next update for the app, both on Android and iOS.

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