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Facebook Messenger Lite video chat is here

Lite apps keep growing in popularity and adoption. Facebook Messenger Lite has been around for a while and now Facebook has added video chat to it. Facebook Messenger Lite video chat makes the app more featured and we hope adds no bloat.

So, if you find the full Messenger app too sluggish or bloated, but have held back from using the lite app because of the lack of video chat, there’s no more reason to.

Facebook Messenger Lite video chat

Here is hoping that Facebook doesn’t keep adding more features to the messenger Lite app or we might start wondering what exactly is lite about it.

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7 thoughts on “Facebook Messenger Lite video chat is here

  1. Great development, but Hope the lite version won’t become heavier as time goes on, when they start including additional features like this.

  2. I wonder what exactly the full one does, that the Lite doesn’t, now.

    No be just to chat?

  3. Never was a fan of fb messenger

    So, I have basically no interest in this.

  4. When I use it I will know what it is all about

  5. it creates a table of options for users of messenger. especially if your phone is 1gig Ram and below.
    we are in the video era on Facebook every thing is going digital.

  6. Great one Mark, nice innovation

  7. I’m also seeing the light here.. It’s a matter of time, the app will gradually become heavy.

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