Facebook or Twitter: which is more mobile friendly?

A website or blog which is not mobile-friendly is mostly regarded as useless in today’s world. It is more so especially in a country like Nigeria where there are more mobile users than PC users.

Personally, I don’t think I’d love any web content that does not dsplay well on my mobile phone. For this reason, I decided to take a closer look at the top two social networks and how far they’ve gone with being mobile-friendly.

Facebook and Twitter are the world’s most recognized social networks. But hold on a minute and imagine Facebook without a mobile view. How will it look when accessing it from a mobile phone? Imagine if Twitter had no mobile view. How will you update your friends or send an important tweet/Direct Message in a commercial vehicle where you can’t make use of your pc?

In essence, mobile sites have really helped the growth of these Social Giants. Now, reviewing from the aspect of page size, I figured out that Twitter’s (New) mobile site is Weighty and consumes data than Facebook’s. You can also try it out for youself… I simply used the good old Opera Mini 4.4 to check the page sizes respectively.

However, the old Twitter mobile web was less heavy compared to the new one but as a matter of fact, the new one outsmarts the old one; Applies to Facebook also.

I wasn’t a fan of Twitter mobile web all along because it was too limited and less captivating (one main problem I’m currently having with Google+). I preferred using third-party Twitter mobile web clients until it was changed earlier this year.

Facebook’s mobile site was what I used more back then. It let users on mobile do most things a PC user does on Facebook. Plus, it helps save data consumption.

But let’s talk about now! Facebook and Twitter have both improved their respective mobile sites and added new features to polish the mobile view and even make it more mobile friendly. In my opinion, Facebook made the PC interface a complex one to ordinary internet users out there [People don’t even recognise their profile anymore]. This action has made a lot of people choose to stay on the mobile platform over the complex PC site.

Well, the mobile view also is getting complex drastically. I can boldly say my Newsfeed is not orderly arranged anymore. I just see junk on my mobile Facebook timeline as if it were the PC interface. This sucks! I now tell my friends, “Facebook is getting boring.” I don’t seem to get what I want or what I usually like to see on it anymore. I don’t know if you’re thinking in that direction also.

As for Twitter, I’m getting impressed, I must say! A lot of my friends are getting to know it well and are doing full-time migration from Facebook to Twitter. While the new Twitter on mobile web is heavy, I still like the catching interface and the fascinating arrangement of tweets; I wish my Facebook mobile timeline could be like that.

Personally, I give it to Twitter! It’s mobile recognition is highly embraced. I have written off Facebook and apparently, Google+ for low mobile expectations. What are your thoughts?


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