Facebook releases Find Wi-Fi feature globally

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Facebook has released a new feature on its Android app globally. This feature helps the user to locate the nearest public Wi-Fi hotspots available. Known as Find Wi-Fi, this new feature copies a service offered by many local administrators and third-party developers. However, Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi is different from these other services. The difference is that the social network has a better ability to gather data, with over two billion users all over the planet. Furthermore, Facebook has more businesses willing to share the login information to their Wi-Fi hotspots. Basically, Find Wi-Fi is a list of wireless connections shared by owners.

The nature of this functionality should help a lot of people, like travelers visiting a foreign country, or people about to reach their mobile data caps but still want to experience the full data usage experience. Also, the service would help people who live in areas with poor network coverage, which is especially important in developing countries where Facebook has been testing Find Wi-Fi since last year.Find Wi-Fi

Right now there has not been any clear information as to whether the service has been changed significantly since its soft launch. However, the service is free of charge; that has not changed. Facebook did not specify if the feature will be distributed to users over a server-side switch or a client-side update over the Google Play Store. Most likely, users will get the feature in a server-side switch, if it has not happened already. But just to be sure, it is best to make sure your app is up to date.

To use the feature, make sure you are running the latest version of the Facebook app. open the More tab from the main menu, then locate the Find Wi-Fi option. This will bring up a map of the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots to your location. you could convert this to a list if you want.


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