How Facebook Safety Check works

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Facebook recently introduced Safety Check, a feature that allows people in a disaster zone let their friends and family know they were safe. Here is how it works.

Facebook Safety Check

  1. If it looks like you may be near a natural disaster, Facebook will ask whether you are safe.
  2. Respond to the prompt to indicate that you are fine by clicking the “I’m Safe” button. If you are not in the disaster area, you will be able to click another button to indicate this.
  3. Once you do that, your Facebook friends will be notified that you are safe.
  4. Facebook users will be able to check a list of friends who may be affected by the disaster.

That’s it! Stay safe!!


  1. Just remember that, in order for Safety Check to work, you have to have switched on “Location” on your device, and more importantly for Facebook.

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