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Facebook has just launched a service for teaching people, students and parents the essence of programming. In a status update, CEO , Facebook Mark Zukerberg stated that the program will help people kick start their carriers, share with the community, and better their lives.


Below is the full post:

Today we’re launching TechPrep — a website to help people start programming careers.
It shows parents and students what programming is, why it’s important, and what sort of jobs are available for those who can code. It guides people to resources to get started — everything from classes to college prep. And it features real stories from people from under-represented groups who’ve used the resources to start careers in tech.
Improving diversity in the tech industry is an important challenge, and something we’re deeply committed to at Facebook. Everyone should be able to take advantage of the opportunities created by the internet. Giving everyone the opportunity to learn to code will create even more valuable tools to serve society.
Through research with McKinsey, we found that there are very few resources in particular for Black or Hispanic learners, and we wanted to change this. We’ve also put together resources for parents and guardians so they can provide young people with advice and support.
We hope this is a valuable resource for people in our community, and that it helps makes a small contribution towards making our industry more diverse.

Check out TechPrep HERE.


  1. Google did an excellent course a few years ago about searches. I took it and, although I like to think of myself as a Search Queen, the course taught me a few more tricks to add to my repertoire.

    If Facebook can succeed in getting more people into programming, where others have failed, the better.

  2. seems like Facebook is trying to kill 2 birds with one stone. get more people into programming and improve the diversity base of the tech industry. hope they have a strong arm and good aim

  3. This is only possible with publicity. I don’t think Facebook is ready to do this. This TechPrep sef has not for once appear on any Facebook adv. More like an halfhearted gesture

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