We live in an age in which it is fashionable to get on every bandwagon that shows up. Yet it is food for thought when

"Facebook was unproductive for me"

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We live in an age in which it is fashionable to get on every bandwagon that shows up. Yet it is food for thought when I run into people who do not embrace every phenomenon that shows up just because. For example, I have a handful of friends who do not have a Facebook account. When I asked one of them why she is not on Facebook, here was her response:

I left Facebook. It was unproductive for me.

I love the purposefulness in that response. I have wondered about some popular social media platforms that I have refused to get on, or that I have abandoned too, and my reasons for turning away from them boil down to that same thing: they were (or became) unproductive for me. They do not help me in the fulfilment of my agenda (and your agenda can be anything – even just fun).

While I still have a Facebook account, I have found that Twitter is by far the most rewarding social network that I use, and so I concentrate most of my energy there. Find what works for you and flog it hard. But by all means, do not just dissipate energy into unproductive activity.


  1. I have always said that “the quality of one’s Facebook experience depends on the quality of one’s friends”. It’s as simple as that.

    That’s why I’m very very particular about my friend list. Always trimming and adding meticulously and only keeping absolute like minds so i maintain my sanity.

    Can be harsh unfriending people you actually know in real life, or have come a long way with online. But advance you must, and a good head above your shoulders, imbibing only the good stuff from friends is a necessary step in doing that.

  2. This sounds great. Many of the social media merely waste tine, an irreplaceable resource.

    But then, the Holy Book says something about learning from ants. You could take that to mean that there is a lesson to learn everywhere, lessons like what NOT to do to reach that lofty agenda..

    The important thing, for me, is to learn to continually sift through the rubble, to keep identifying and finding gold..

    I would join all, and any, social medium, provided it would not negatively over_deplete my data, or increase my battery consumption drastically.

    Why not?

  3. I have found that Facebook, as a social platform, interests me less with each passing day. I would rather throw my attention at Twitter or some messaging app. Might just be me, but the burden of attention and what have you that Facebook places on a person is for me unbearable. That being said, the other platforms I can engage with less stress is Instagram.

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