Considering the privacy scandals that have trailed Facebook till date, a Facebook operating system will be a hard sell, but that isn’t stopping the company.

Facebook is working on its own operating system

What do you do if you are the world’s largest social network and want to make sure that the future does not leave you hanging dry? You invest in an operating system and hardware.


A report from The Information says that Facebook Inc. is working on its own operating system to ensure that it is not sidelined in the future.

Facebook mobile


Facebook has been betting on augmented reality hardware and software in recent times. According to the report, the digital media giant wants insurance that the software that powers devices will always accommodate it’s grand plans of world domination.

Apple has proven that owning both ends of the stick is a viable and highly profitable strategy, and Facebook wants in on the action.


Considering the privacy scandals that have trailed Facebook till date though, a Facebook OS will be a hard sell. Who wants all of that creepy behaviour running at the very core of their smartphones?

But all that flak is not holding Facebook back from giving it a shot. A Facebook OS and Facebook phone might just be what would save the company some day.

Will you buy a Facebook phone running a Facebook operating system?


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  1. Facebook is not Apple, or have they already forgotten about the “Facebook phone”? What makes them think that an OS is going to help them? Seeing that Libra hasn’t quite worked the way they wanted to date, they’re obviously looking for another revenue stream but I’m not sure an OS is the right move.

    They aren’t Amazon, who provide a service that synchronises with their version of Android, but at the same time the market wasn’t interested in an Amazon Fire phone. Facebook will eventually find out.

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